So hungry!!!!

  • I am eating every 2-3 hours, and the proper amounts, but towards the end of the 2 hours, I am ravenous!! I start munching on small things to tide myself over for another hour or so... for example, I ate a few peperonies a few mins ago because I was hungry!! How do people stave off the hunger?! I never used to be like this, in fact, I used to think "Wow! I have to eat AGAIN??" I know its not just me because I read a post similar to this not too long ago... but now I can't find it anywhere...

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hey Stacy !   Hang in there, I went through this at week 8 also. I was advised by the experienced challengers  to increase my protien intake at each meal, not an entire serving, just an ounce.  Also, drinking more water will help! And if it's really unbearable, I find chewing sugar-free gum helps!  

    p.s. I try to remind myself that the hunger means I am doing something right, muscle mass needs fuel!


  • Stacy-

    Try drinking a big glass of water first and then wait about 20 minutes. Sometimes that helps and after that 20 minutes, I'm not hungry anymore. If after 20 minutes, you are still hungry, munch on some veggies. I keep celery sticks and cut up cucumbers in the fridge to munch on. You can even make a  dip out of ff greek yogurt and spices ( I use dill) to dip them in. I think when you get hungry like that out of the blue, your metabolism is kicking in to high gear. A good thing, but hard to tell your stomach that when it's yelling at you!!

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  • Making sure you're getting your veggies is important for staving off hunger.  I tend to forget veggies, with all of the emphasis being on carbs and protein amounts.  Veggies have good fiber in them, though, that helps us stay full.  Re-assess your veggie load and go from there.  :-)

  • Veggies, veggies, veggies.  I make sure that meal 3 and 4 especially have very full portions of either steamed broccoli or green beans.

  • Stacy - I'm with you.  I'm in Week 9 and this is the first week since the very beginning that I've been starving.  I'm chugging water, adding fibrous veggies and picturing myself walking up to the sales person saying, "Excuse me, do you have this in a size 0?"  :)  I'm so looking forward to Meal 6 today!

    runninggrl :)

  • Put a few tbs of a dissoluble fiber like Metamucil in your water.  The fiber will help you feel full in between meals.

  • Change out the pepperoni to apple slices.  In fact... toss that junk in the garbage.  It's OK to snack, but just be healthy about it... I know it is hard and it is easier for me to say than to do, but I hope this is a helpful idea.  I bet you can't eat 5 apples in a day... that would be a good alternative.  Good luck!


  • I'm with JamesK- SNACK ON VEGGIES! Just plain veggies. If you are really hungry, reach for some raw carrots or broccoli. Then, you will be able to tell better if it's genuine hunger or just sweets/fats cravings.

    FYI- I am with you on the hunger pains, so I doubled up on my veggie servings- now I get at least three or four servings in instead of two, and that has helped significantly. Also, if I am still hungry between meals, I snack on the above mentioned and take one bite of cottage cheese. That usu tides me over.

    Good luck!

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  • Stacy815 - are you eating enough healthy fats too? That certainly helps you feel satisfied longer too.

    I take CLA and Fish Oil and my hunger pangs are almost bang on the 2.5hour mark most weeks, except for a few days here and there depending on water intake, workouts and sleep patterns.

  • It's not good if you're too hungry.  I believe Bill Philips would agree. I have NEVER believed in ignoring your stomach.  That will cause all sorts of problems in the long run.

    Gum is bad because it stimulates your pancreas to spurt out insulin. no offense I have NEVER understand gum chewing, it's just a bad habit.

    Emphasize more green veggies. more fiber keeps you full longer.