Challenge 1 Complete

  • Greetings folks. I finished my first Challenge on May 9 and just posted my BEFORE & AFTER photos in the Media Gallery (title: HazletCyclist: Before  & After pics). I also found a way to insert them here.

    I turned 56 the day after this Challenge ended. What a great birthday present! I could not have picked a better gift for myself.


    Winners never quit, and quitters never win

  • You the man.  56.....damn there are jealous 20 year olds everywhere right now.

  • good job!

  • AWESOME!  It's so great to see all these successful transformations!  

  • Yeah, when you are here it seems everyone is making successful transformations.  Then you get out into the real world.....

  • Great job!  You look terrific!  You are an inspiration and a true success!

  • Very well done, you are an inspiration!  Thanks so much for sharing your photos.