Protein Pudding??

  • I have made up the protein pudding for one of my late evening meals, however I am finding that even when following the directions exactly it doesn't jell...Solidify or whatnot.  Anyone else have this problem or know what I may be doing wrong and how to get it to firm up a bit.  I like the taste, but don't really wanna drink my last very tasty meal!!



  • Can you make the protein pudding with protein powder? Where I live there is no store selling Myoplex...I have to have it shipped in.


  • Hey Jaja, I make protein pudding all the time. I use the large box of Jell-O sugar free, fat free, the one that calls for 3 cups of skim milk. After I measure the milk into a bowl I put 3 scoops of protein powder in & whip that with a whisk, then add the pudding mix & whip according to the package directions. I eat this almost every night as a final meal, and I usually stir in about 1/4 cup of Friendship brand no-salt added cottage cheese, just to up the protein content. I add the cc because the 1 scoop of powder to 1 cup milk ratio makes for really big portions of pudding. I normally get 4 servings of pudding. I love it because it helps with the sweets cravings. Other nights I may have chicken *** & berries or melon & be fine with that. Anyway, hope this is helpful! :o)

  • thanks for this..I am pre-cycle and its the only time  I get sweet cravings!

  • i posted this somewhere else, but this is the protein pudding i make:

    1 1/2 c ff cottage cheese

    1 small packet of ff, sf pudding mix (any flavor-cheesecake is my fav)

    1 scoop vanilla protein powder

    1/4 c milk

    blend all above ingredients in blender until smooth then add to a bowl.  at this point you can also add 4 oz of ff cool whip and stir until well mixed.  needs to be in fridge at least an hour.  this is super yummy!

  • I think we all have different recipes, but the yummy goodness helps me stay on track.  Mine is:

    1 regular size package of ff/sf pudding mix

    16 skim milk

    2 scoops protein powder

    All of it goes in the blender, pour in 2 dishes, chill for about 30m.