Challenge 1 Completed!!!

  • Tired no more

    First of all, go to the LIBRARY tab on this site.  Go to TOOLS, and click on PROGRESS REPORTS; then click on PDF FORMAT DAILY PROGRESS REPORTS.  There are five pages that you should print out and then make a bunch of copies of all of them.  Page 3 is for UBWO and page 5 is for LBWO.  Write down workouts every day, so you know what you need to change and how you are progressing.  Write notes after each body part, so you know if you struggled, or if you should try to go heavier next time.

    A great website for all kinds of excercises (dumbbell, barbell, machines) is  It is awesome!  For each area of the body pick two exercises for each body part.  

    The first exercise you choose, you will do 12 reps, and wait one minute.  

    Go up in weight, do 10 reps, and wait one minute.  

    Go up in weight, do 8 reps, and wait one minute.  

    Go up in weight, do 6 reps, and wait one minute.  

    Go down in weight (I use the same weight here as my 8 rep set) and do 12 reps.  

    Then immediately (no waiting) do 12 reps of the second exercise that you chose for that body part.  Then move on to the next body part.

    For example, here is my chest workout:

    Chest fly: 12 reps with 10lb dumbbell (DB) in each hand, wait one minute

    Chest fly: 10 reps with 15lb DB in each hand, wait one minute

    Chest fly: 8 reps with 20lb DB in each hand, wait one minute

    Chest fly: 6 reps with 27lb DB in each hand, wait one minute

    Chest fly: 12 reps with 20lb DB in each hand - no waiting

    DB Bench press: 12 reps with 20lb DB in each hand

    Then I move on to Shoulders, with DB shoulder press and lateral raises.  You get the idea.

    Remember to change the exercises every 4 weeks or thereabouts to keep muscle confusion working for you.  You can even just change the order, like do DB Bench Press for first 5 sets and then Chest fly for last set.  If you are not sore from your workouts, change up exercises, slow down your rhythm, or go HEAVIER!!

    Hope this helps!  AND GOOD LUCK!!


  • Good job man!

  • I also wanted to add that Julie has some good advice about the muscle confusion bit.

    I would also mix my workouts to keep it interesting and different for me.


  • Dan-in-Asia, thank you! I enjoyed the focus and am trying to recapture it in C2....

    Tired No More, my regimen consisted of exactly what Phillips outlines in his book, just as Julie_ explained in detail above. Countless sites and books exist that demo every imaginable exercise. But if you're a beginner, I would stick with basic movements that isolate each muscle group as much as possible. As you gain strength, confidence, and knowledge, try out different movements. You'll find that what works for you might not be the most effective exercise for someone else. Part of the fun (and torture, too!) is the fact that it's trial-and-error. No matter what though, just keep moving, focus on your goals, and be consistent--results will follow!!


  • Thank you, Bob! I sincerely appreciate it!!

  • You look amazing....congrats to you!!! Wow, I'm very inspired :-) I started today, I know I have about three challenges to do to get back down to my normal weight. But looking forward to making this a lifestyle this time round. Thanks for your photos.


  • Fushiagirl, thank you very much. I hope your first week has been a good one! I know after my first week it felt great that I had been able to keep the promise to myself that I would eat clean and not miss a workout! And don't think about how many challenges lie ahead of you; Only concern yourself with doing your very best each day. Small chunks are easier to swallow than giant slabs!! Go get 'em!!!

  • What a transformation!  Congratulations!  Keep up the great work.

    Heather :)

  • Thanks, haobrien! It's been a life-changing experience!

  • hey geog i was just wondering how much did your strength increase by end of the 12 weeks