when is the best time to eat? Pre workout or Post if you are trying to lose fat?

  • this one is making me nuts..I am trying to shed about 60 pounds of fat. I am incapable to working out before 8:45 am.

    I cannot change my schedule to do it earlier due to a my disabled child's requirements. That said, I get up at 6 am. Should I eat something before I go to the gym? else I usually can't eat until 11 as Bill's original book says to wait an hour AFTER you workout to eat....

    would it make sense to have small meal, shake or bar when I rise arise to help get me through the workout which usually starts 3 hours later?

  • Yes, it would make sense or it will throw off all of your meals and you won't be able to get in your 6 for the day.  You're aiming to work out on an empty stomach so that your body burns fat instead of burning the food you just ate.  So if you eat at 6, you should be good to go.  If you do cardio, wait until an hour after you finish to eat again (your body is a fat burning machine for an hour after cardio, eating interrupts that).  If you're on a weights day, eat as close to immediately after finishing as you can, your muscles need the fuel.  I hope that helps.

    One caution........I hear a lot of "I can't......." and "It's impossible for me to....".  Be very careful that you aren't creating certain failure with what you tell yourself.  :-)

  • My schedule is "hard" until 9 am. Thanks very much for the input on the eating I REALLY do appreciate it.

    How long have you been doing this Courtney?

  • This is my 3rd challenge.  The next challenge will be to not relapse.  Hahaha!  I've lost at least 3 sizes each time.  Granted I've never gone all the way back up to my pre-challenge weight after each one, but stopped somewhere in the middle.  I tend to become very determined when I'm unhappy, then slack when life is good.  This challenge I'm trying to both have a happy life AND a good body.  :-)