Where did you lose it first?

  • Absolutely everywhere but my lower legs. :)

    Am I done yet? Heck NO!

  • Seems my boobs were the first to go.  Go figure...the one thing I'd like to hang onto! :)  My tummy is putting up a fight...it needs to give up...I will win this battle! :)

  • Hey, packed on tons of pounds and as a result...got big boobs for the 1st time ever.

    Now, my whole body is shrinking and seems like these stupid boobs are still there, sort of out of proportion.  C1, wk8...it's a process...gee, thanks for these skinny wrists!

    Tammy - Atlanta

    You Get What You Give -'... if you feel your dream is dying...hold on tight...you've got the music in you...you only get what you give.'  (New Radicals)

  • So far I have noticed it more in my chest. Before kids I was never a big busted woman so I guess it makes sense that I'm losing it in my chest first. I don't mind it at all! But my husband has his own opinions lol.