Where did you lose it first?

  • I'm on week 6 and when I started working out everyone said you'd lose it in your face before anywhere else. I'm just curious because my face and arms look exactly the same as the day I started but my midsection is slimmer, as are my legs but not by much. So I'm just curious where the fat started coming off first, second, third, etc for everyone else.

  • Mine was def upper body, arms, face, back...midsection is just now getting there and legs I'm sure will be the last! They say the thing you want to go first will most likely be the last!  Oh joy! lol!

    Best of luck on your challenge...keep going! :)

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  • the place i lost it first was in my "fat" head.  this program has a way of making you humble.


  • I think arms, legs, face first.  For me it is like it started at head and toes and then moved toward the middle.  

  • lol  thats funny jimmieb.  I have lost alot of my muffin top.  Wanted to loose first in my face as the person in  the mirror doesnt look much like me.  Also around my rear (pants seem looser there).  

  • I lost my belly pooch first both times.  Everyone's different!

  • The first place for the "fat bags" to fall off was my back. Then my arms, then face. I think now it is FINALLY effecting my belly. I am finally starting comfortably button up pants I never thought I would fit a leg into!

    Don't stress if you don't see the fat come off in your face first.... as you can see from this post, it affects us all very differently.

    Stacy Lynn

  • It seems to have went straight to my stomach first and it hasnt gotten to any other part of my body. Which of course isnt what I wanted lol. I wanted my face and arms to go first since those are visible. No one sees my stomach so I didnt care about that, and it's not really that big anyway. I really wanted my arms to go but it's looking it may end up last.

  • The areas I lost first, were exactly where I needed and wanted to least!  It will come off those tougher areas eventually.  Slow and steady wins the race.....Just keep plugging along!



  • Everybody is different......that's for sure! For me...I can tell you this....the last place it falls off is my love-handles.

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  • I always tend to lose it in my upper body first. The stubborn saddle bags and junk in the trunk are the last to go. Although I will say they have greatly diminished with this program. WOOHOO!!

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  • The first place the weight came on is usually the last place it comes off.

    I have heard this a few times now, and seems to be true in my case.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • I'm guessing my stomach must have been the last place to gain weight because it was the first to go.

  • Back and lovehandles. The gut seems to never want to go. Had it since I was 12.

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  • C1W6D3

    it seems like i have only lost in my chest so far. i hope this stops and somewhere else starts getting smaller. lol.

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