I am driving myself crazy

  • I am trying to make this rocket science i know BUT i don't want to get to the end of 12 weeks and there be no results all because of my eating.

    Here is what i am struggling with - do i have to stick with just the food list from the book or can i use all of the food choices from the book and from the Eating for Life cookbook OR do i have to restrict my food and use just the food list from the book until i am where i want to be and then i can broaden my restrictions and incorporate other "clean/authorized" foods?  How do i decide what constitutes a protein and carb portion if i am looking at something that is no on the food list from the book.    OY  sometimes i have to wonder about myself :)



    I hate that i do this to myself - i am so bad that it almost incapacitates me sometimes, i stress myself out worrying and then i end up doing nothing. . vicious cycle i know.

    I have been all over the boards lately needing help - sorry BUT thanks for all of your knowledge i am very grateful.


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  • Relax...take a deep breath......and exhale.

    There is no need to try to over-do. For now stick with the basic authorized foods and just be creative with them. You get 6 chances every day to come up with different ways to serve and enjoy .See how your body responds, then if you have to..... slowly begin to add other things in. Don't forget free day allows for cravings of foods not authorized.

    As you go along I think you will find your stress levels will decrease considerably!  You are on your way to success and you will get results!


  • I think the simple answer is the closer you stick strictly to the original BFL book "Authorized Foods", the faster you will see results. That said, even in the book, the example menu Bill gives includes foods technically not on the authorized list: salsa, frozen lime-aid (in Key-lime pie shake), cranberry sauce, etc.

    I own the EFL cookbook and I absolutely love the recipes in it. These recipes do add back some condiments to enhance food appeal, but all the condiments used are no to low fat and usually low sodium (some are not). Some people here have advocated using EFL meals only after you have accomplished your goal and wish at that point to maintain weight.

    I however disagree to a point. I think it largely depends on what your goals are. If you are seriously trying to be one of the BFL champions, clean eating BFL book style is the way to go. BUT for most people, entering BFL is a stepping stone to not only attain their ideal body type, gain muscle, lose fat, etc. but also BFL is a new way of LIFE and to live this way it must be SUSTAINABLE.

    Thus I think the EFL meals are very reasonable, balanced calorically and nutritionally, and most importantly, they are DELICIOUS!! And though your progress may not be AS rapid and dramatic... you should still have rapid and dramatic results!! Also these recipes sometimes TASTE like "cheat" meals thus helping you stick with the plan. (One of my favs is the "Cool Taco Salad" if I am in the mood for mexican or the "Turkey meatloaf" if I feel like "comfort" food but don't want to cheat on the plan.)

    I would say a good compromise is trying to eat clean as much as possible off the BFL book foods list and allow a few meals from EFL per week. Keep your portion sizes in check and hit your intensity levels and you should see great results!!

    Let us know what you decide!


  • Cory,

    You need a DON'T PANIC button! I am inclined to stay with the authorised food list from the book. EFL is good for maintenance but the authorised food list is limited for a reason. Proper proteins, complex carbs with some simple carbs, no/low sugars and good fats provide the necessary fundamental sources to meet your energy requirements and avoid the wild swings in insulin which will otherwise impact on fat storage and cravings. If you venture from the list, you need to stay more in tune with your body to see how it reacts and quite frankly, that becomes too complicated for me. KISS! that is what this programme is about. Second guessing will drive you crazy. Good luck.

  • I just stick with what is in the book. I printed off the authorized food list and hung it on the fridge. when trying to plan my day, I just pick one carb and one protein. Easy Peasy Lemony Squeezy no thinking involved!

  • I haven't read what everyone else has written but my response is you don't.  You are trying to tweak your eating and you don't need to.  The food list (original or website) is not restrictive.  Why would you want to look at something that is not on the food list at this point?  Aren't you on a journey to a new you?  There are so many variations of menus you can create from the lists.  You ARE making this rocket science.  BFL is very simple.  Just do it and stop worrying about this, that and the other.  The Eating-for-LIFE book is meant for after you have reached your goals and you want to maintain what you have reached.  Use that book while trying to get there and you risk your results.  All and all, it's up to you what you do.  It's your results and your goals.  We can't help you with that, it's what you are willing to do to get what you want.  I mean this in the nicest way, STOP IT and relax!  Bill Phillips and EAS has figured this all out for you, just follow the guidelines put in place.  Twelve weeks really isn't that long, it just feels that way when you are in the mist of the journey.  You'll get there, just take one moment, one minute, one hour, one day, one week at a time. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Perfectionism–the Ultimate Transformation Killer!

    by: Michael Harris  9/4/2008

    If I called you a perfectionist, would you smile? I hope not, because it is anything but a compliment!

    See, I view perfectionism as the single biggest character flaw there is to a successful challenge. In tomorrow’s blog I discuss another big impediment to a challenge, perhaps bigger, called eating disorders, but I do not view them as a character flaw, like I do perfectionism. A character flaw is a way of behaving that has become ingrained and second nature, and which almost always leads to adverse consequences to the person who has it. They often appear to the person as an asset rather than a flaw, and that is another reason that they are very difficult to eradicate.

    In the real world of Body for Life, here is how perfectionism usually operates. The person decides that he or she has "had it," that they are going to renounce their current way of living, lose X number of pounds, and get and stay in shape forever. They buy the book; read it carefully; make tremendous preparations just as recommended in the book; plan all their meals and workouts; do all their shopping, and begin in earnets early on a Monday morning. Within a week, they will miss a workout, or grab an unauthorized food and wolf it down, or encounter some personal crisis which suddenly attracts all their attention, and BANG, just like that, their challenge grinds to a complete halt. Then, they resolve to start over and do it again perfectly.

    See, the reason that the perfectionism is such a fatal flaw is that it always makes you quit, and never allows for a mistake that can be a teaching moment. Yet, the person who has it just doesn’t see this. They think of themselves as victimized by the temporary failure, and they see "do overs" as just part of the way of achieving the perfect result. There’s no such thing! And the end result of the perfectionist is always the same--they quit! In the end, they are usually much worse off than they were when they started.

    How do you beat perfectionism? Well, in a way, it is like a cockroach--it doesn’t like the light! So, admit it to yourself, and put the light of truth on what you are doing, and your ridiculous way of behaving will become evident to you. The wall of denial will crack, and you’ll be able to accept less than perfect, and to get on with your life in an orderly manner. The second thing you can do is to realize that it is far more important to keep your self-promises than it is to do anything perfectly, because breaking promises to yourself causes a complete lack of self-confidence in due time.

  • Wow, LegsC3, thanks for such a great post.  I really like the coackroach in the light analogy. I have been that person before, and this is definitely something vbery good to keep in mind. Thank you!

  • Thanks Legs this was a great article.  Where do i find other "stuff" by  Michael Harris?  I would like to see what he has written.

    I appreciate everything.

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  • Cory,


    It's in my favorites! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • for someone like me I think the cookbook will be essential to sticking with the food part as I have 5 other people I have to feed and they will not be happy about 12 weeks of skinless chicken breasts and plain rice! LOL!

    I am doing the challenge, but against myself, not to try to be a champion. I will be a champion to myself...

  • Thanks Deb, appreciate ya!!! :)

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