Still losing inches... W12D1

  • Hi everyone! I am still here. Haven't checked in as much because have been very busy and am nearing the end.


    Psychologically, I will admit, I have not felt the need for totally clean eating, simply because I am already getting great results AND I know I will be starting another 12 weeks soon...either after 1 week rest or 2.


    I experience a kind of hunger that hits me quickly and insistently and so I have nibbled here and there. Part of the problem is I haven't PLANNED all of my meals as well as I had been. I am not one of those who will be submitting pics so I don't have that pressure or impetus.


    That being said, I am now wearing a slender pair of 2 pants that I couldn't even begin to wear before and now they are getting loose! I probably could have lost even more inches than I have but I cheated here and there on some days. It's all ok for me, though, as I WILL FINISH all 12 weeks as I promised myself and I haven't missed any workouts in 11 weeks and will finish them all.


    I stopped taking creatine late last week and I can feel the difference...that, and I am hungrier and tired.  I am psyched, though, and my husband is delighted with what i have lost! I can't wait to start another one! But, I do think a rest would be good. I have been pounding my muscles pretty much for 11 weeks after all! I always seem to be sore "somewhere" LOL

  • An early Congratulations on achieving your goals and nearing completion.

    If your not in the challenge, it would still be nice if you posted - for us -  the inner transformation you experienced, and how it transferred to, and, or, impacted other parts of your life.

    Before and after pics would be nice, since so many of us benefit and get encouraged by those who have finished and we can see the proud smile of accomplishment.

    As they say, there is a thousand words in a picture.

    At any rate, I for one, am happy for you.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Congrats Confidence.  I am so pleased for you that you can see the finish line.