• BFL Family!

    Please come here to post your daily gratitude lists as well as other thoughts and reflections of a thankful nature. 

    Today I am grateful for:

    This new site.  It threw me at first, but after some exploring I think it's really cool.  Abbott generously gives us this tool as one of many to help us with our journeys. 

    The BFL program for being simple and straight forward.  I like knowing what needs to be done.  It's not easy, but it's not complicated. 

    Michelle "Champster".  She's my sister for life and an important part of my transformation process. 

    That so many GB people found their way here, to form a community already on this new site.

    For the GB people and their profound collective impact on me. 

    The salad bar at Harris Teeter.  I love salad, but it's tough to get that much yummy when you live alone because that's a lot of groceries. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Love this thread Jessica and the fact that we now have a place to have "topic based" conversations!!

    This new site and the 2008 Champions videos!

    BFL works for anyone that desires to make a change or that needs a "do-over" in their life.

    Good clean food prepped and ready.

    Jessica and her willingness to keep working.

    Today I am also grateful that no matter what, I have the willingness to get better.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • i am grateful for:

    my wife- without her support life would suck

    my children- spending the weekend at the beach was a pure treat

    Friends like y'all

    a place to get what i need

    work - cause there are so many without

    Whey protein shakes- time to have one


  • I'm grateful for:

    ~my family who have supported me through my challenge...

    ~my job, where else can you go to work all day in sweats, t-shirt, and tennis shoes and play mini tennis and badminton?! :)

    ~that I'm feeling better than on Friday/Saturday

    ~that my daughter, husband, and I have an appt. with a college volleyball scout tomorrow night!

    ~That I can continue to talk to my BFL friends! :) Love you guys! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I am thankful for ~

    My faith

    My family

    My friends


    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Great idea Jessica!

    Today I am grateful for:


    My Husband, Children, Family and Friends

    This new forum


    Abbott Laboratories

    Everyone on this forum

    Good Health

    Lots of love to all!


    Sylvia Bortman

    2006 BFL Grand Champion Women's 50+

  • Today I am thankful for:

    Jessica - for reminding me that even in major crisis (yes this was big for me!), I feel calm when surrounded by friends

    My husband - who tried to help me navigate the new website, because he knows BFL is important to me

    Mental strength from doing 2 previous challenges. I know that I can get through the third one even with bumps like this.

    Im thankfuI  I had coffee with most of the  best crew before the change.



  • I am grateful for:

    my blood pressure has keep me from exploding today on this new thread thing.  lol!!

    for all my GB friends that have gotten me through the past 7 weeks.  

    that i was able to go and get a fridge full of food today.

    for might max for being so grateful!!!!

  • I'm grateful I don't take blood pressure medication anymore! I do like this new site but I will be darned if I can figure out how to find the page that has the videos of the 2008 champions on it.  I went to a link that Sharon provided, but I don't see anything like it from just surfing around the site.  Anyone?

  • Hey all!

    I'm grateful for......

    Scott for making me laugh (again)

    Legs for admitting struggle and making me feel normal

    Champs for starting out crying like me and giving me hope I will end "happy" - not there yet

    Jessica - positivity just keeps on growing - Amazing and Wonderful!


  • I'm thankful

    -that each day is a new beginning and I have the ability to choose the outcome based on my behaviors

    -For my wonderful husband who is serving his family and his country and trying to stay positive through this long deployment

    -For my children who are wonderful

    -For the undying devotion of my dogs

    -For my job that is constantly surprising me

  • Oh, I forgot


  •  I am thankful for....

          My family and friends

          My church

          My health... that is getting better and better


           only having 6 days left in my first challenge!!

    Pam  ~ Be the change you want to see in the World ~ MG

  • I am thankful for...

    My children and husband, they brighten each and every one of my days and fill me with complete joy and happiness.  

    Jessica-MM, for starting the grateful thread and expecting on 100% participation :0).

    My GB friends who put up with my inconsistency and forgive me for my weaknesses but expect me to continue to move forward.

    My Father in Heaven that loves me.

    The roof over my head and the food on the table.

    The voicemail from Aussie-Debs that will be forever saved on my answering machine, so that I can listen to her beautiful accent whenever I want (big cheesy grin).


  • I am grateful for my husband, who doesn't understand why I want to lose weight but is willing to support me in whatever I do.

    My pain in the rear teenage son because he is less of a pain than last year.

    Actually, my life, aside from my weight/fitness.