2 Weeks over.. Absolutely no difference in images ..

  • Oh I know I am not losing my hope but today I compared my week 0 and week 2 photos.. They are just like two pictures in gap of one second.. 99.98 percent similar including the hand posture.. It is really freaking me out.. 


    I want to know from all those seniors out there.. from when did you start feeling the change? 

    And since I derailed this week, I didn't see any change in the weight too!! 

    But internally I feel the change.. Usually when I roam around for trekking, I pant a lot.. Will not able to walk long.. But this time I felt a lot easier.. was feeling really good about it .. and also there was a game where we hit a box with a hammer and it shows how much power we gave in hitting.. While others got 50 or 53 (inclding a body builder) I had hit 73.. I was feeling too too good.. 


    I will keep my motivation high.. I will work hard to see a difference next week!! Be with me.. 


    Divya S Selvan

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • don't get bummed out so early on... just keep doing it and you'll see the difference. Think of your weight loss as a roll of paper towels. Take that full roll and pull off one sheet. do you see a huge visible difference? probably not. keep taking off one sheet at a time, and there comes a point where you do start to notice... the fewer sheets on the roll, the more noticable when another is pulled off. It's the same with your body, so just keep working hard and you WILL see change. Hey, at least you are feeling better and moving around easier, and thats awesome, right? Keep up the good work....

  • Divya, I take progress photos every 4 wks to see more changes, maybe you should try that. And Erica is right, the changes are taking place on the inside first and pretty soon that last layer will start coming off!

    Hang in there...YOU can do this! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Divya: You can expect to feel and see the changes in exact relation to what effort you put into it. It's a 12 week program with 84 meaningful days. Each one counts.

    We're with you alright, but you have to do the work for Divya. :)

  • Hello Divya,

    One of the key components of Body for Life is having realistic expectations.  Your success is tied to your effort.  You mentioned in another thread how you got derailed.  Seriously my friend, how do you expect to see results after 2 weeks if you didn't follow the plan?  This is hard work and requires mental focus and discipline.  You can't bypass the work and expect results.

    On the positive side you have mentioned that you are moving easier and feel better in general...while that will not show up in a photo, you should harness that good feeling to improve your efforts.

    Stay with us here as all of us want you to succeed and will help as far as words can help.  As Legs said above, you have to do the work though, we can't do that for you.

    Commit to yourself to do the things necessary to be successful, don't make excuses!

    Read the following letter I wrote to myself, some of it may ring true for you as well.  bodyforlife.com/.../570.aspx

    My best wishes for health and discipline to you Divya


  • It will take time... Think of the momentum your building..like a train... It will take a lil bit to rev those engines then youll gain momentum and your off!!!!!


  • In my humble opinion you should take a look at your expections.  I was a product of UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS during my first challenge.  I just knew that I would magically lose 150lbs in 12 weeks.  At week 10 I had the realization that I was a long way from an after.   I could have quit right then and there.  But I didn't.   But what I learned through that process was that I had set myself up for failure by not educating myself on what was possible for the human body to do in a 12 week cycle.

    That being said, move away from the scales, measurements and photos and check your stats in 4 week intervals.  That's about the amount of time it takes for progress to show.  Follow the plan to the letter, eat what you are supposed to and nothing more except on free day.  Do your workouts and don't forget that your body is capable of far more than you think it is, so push yourself during every workout.   And most importantly believe in yourself and you will succeed. 

    Take time to read the information on www.hussmanfitness.org about the processes your body goes through.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Hi everyone.. thank you for the replies..

    first of all, I kept the tone different.. I said I am freaking out not because I lost weight.. It was because the pictures were 99.98 percent same. everything including expression.. so I meant that.. and yes when I read my post again, it looks like misleading..

    Even I am with all of you that weight reduction is not a fairy tale and it cant happen in a day or two. Lot of hard work and sweat goes through it..

    I am more strong this week and keeping myself committed. Thanks to all..


    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • From experience I can tell you by far the biggest changes will occur in weeks 8 through 12. In fact I will proove it to you in 2 weeks when I post my final pics. I took pics on day 1 and again after week 4 and week 8 and in 2 more weeks on day 84 will be my final pics. And you know what the toughest weeks are?.....the first 4......because here you are starting a new program.....a new lifestyle.....avoiding all those sweet snacks we all like and you can't see any change from day to day and you wonder if all this hard work and discipline is worth it. BUT.....if you can press through the early stages of this program you will be rewarded at the end. Hope this helps. Keep an eye out for my final pics.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"