Mothers without Mothers

  • My Motherless Mother's Day Tribute:

    My mother died on  May 30th, 2002 from complications of esophogeal and lung cancer .Oddly enough, I recieved the call as I was watching a Memorial service for victims of 9-11. She may not be here physically but she is here with me especially today in spirit! Truthfully, I see her everyday when I look in the mirror, or at my boys, as I carry on mundane chores. Mom drank gallons of iced tea as does my oldest son, he has her and my nose as well. My youngest son is very sensitive, uniquely crafty and creative which definately came from her. Her sense of humor is reflected by us all the time! I was the youngest of 7 children and had a special bond with her. I really miss her today. My mother had been adopted and for years searched for her birth family. She found nothing about her birth parents or even her birthplace. So the day she died was bittersweet in that I knew she finally had all of the answers to lifelong questions. She had also become a Believer months before her death so I knew she could not be in better hands!  One never gets over the loss of their Mother, you just go on with life learnig to cope in ways you never thought you could. My boys have missed out on knowing their grandmother, so I have the responsibility of letting them get to know her through me. She is smiling down from Heaven alot! She taught me well. I am proud to call myself her daughter.

    Those of you who still have your moms ...I say: Cherish everything about them!-  Hold close all the things you love and especially hate! The times when moms agrivate, embarrass, piss you off.....any heightened emotion are the things you will remember. They are looking glasses into our souls meant to help us grow spiritually...we learn from them, they happen for a reason.

    The people around me have experienced my Mom through me, had they known her they would have loved her ,too. Mom always said...if you don't have anything nice to say- don't say anything at all. So, I try to say nice things.    Thanks Mom, I Love & Miss you, I'm the Mom I am because of you. Happy Mother's Day



  • Thanks for the nice post.

    Made me think I need to appreciate my mother a little more.

    She is still living, obsesses over little things and talks my ears off.

    But, I love her, and need to do something nice, and spend a little time with her.

    Thanks, Kat.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry