Need your "solutions/experiences" for traveling and staying on BFL :)

  • After watching the Body of Works video last night my husband asked me to post this question - I love him :) 

    How do you stay "consistent" in eating clean when you are out of town for a long period of time (ie - going to Canad for 5 days to visit family)  he asked if it really is possible and if so what does it look like.

    Also how to continue to exercise although i would take clean eating over exercising if i had to pick just one.

    Thanks for your suggestions and or past experiences - they are greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Cory,

    Travelling means more planning.  Here is what I would do..

    1.  Tell relatives that you are visiting that you are eating healthier now, and you might not always eat the same thing as them, and that you will be eating more often.

    2.  When you get to their house, get to the supermarket and buy you some healthy groceries.

    3.  Offer to cook them a few meals BFL style.

    4.  If you do get into a situation of going out to a restaurant or not having control of meal preparation, make the best choices of those available.

    5.  Before you get there ask them if they have exercise equipment or if they know of local gyms.  Remember cardio is relatively easy to do outdoors with just your feet as equipment.

    6.  Arrange for a day pass to the gym if available.

    7.  This one might seem sneaky, but......most hotels have exercise facilities.  I am not above using them even if I am not a hotel guest.  It helps if you have a frequent guest card (which you can get at the hotel's website.)

    8.  If you plan on using supplements/protein powder/bars...make sure to pack them as they might not be available once you get there.

  • Those are all fantastic suggestions. 

    I would further recommend taking several MRPs (meal replacement packets).  Sometimes that might be the option.  Either that or protein powder and apples or something. 

    Some here who travel a lot use resistance bands when they cannot get to a gym to hit the weights.

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  • Jessica, great suggestion on the resistance bands!!!  

  • Excellent suggestions!

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • I've also packed cans of tuna, apples, bars, and shakes.  I've found them especially useful when travelling on business and staying in hotels.  

  • Thanks for everyones ideas, they are great.  I think what i really need to admit to myself is that "I" failed to take care of myself on this last trip, that it was more important for me to not look "odd" in my eating than to be taking care of myself and that my husband is not embarassed by my eating, he is my number 1 rah rah person in all of this.  

    I guess i just have to decide that i will take care of myself and get past being embarassed for being different - because the outcomes are so worth the effort i am sure - and the next time just stick up for myself and let my needs be known.

    Thanks everyone for the great ideas though they will be most helpful next time.

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  • The other thing too, most places these days will accomidate your eating paterns.  I have found cause i go on business a lot and since i have started (been out of town 3 of my 4 weeks).  That most restaraunts can steam veggies for you as well as make you a plain grilled chicken ***.  All you need to remember is portion control.  I have found that the leftover meal makes for a great second meal the next day.  Just an idea.  I also agree with the resistance bands as well.  

  • Cory--

    I'm facing the same dilemma.  I will be camping for 1-2 weeks in June and traveling for the last 5 days of my challenge.  I just called around today for each of the two locations and found gyms that will accommodate my short stay, even if they don't publish daily or weekly rates on their websites.  Bally's quoted me $25 for a 2-week stay.  Not bad!

    My bigger issue on the camping trip will be finding a gym with shower facilities, since our camp won't have one.


  • Becky - WOW good for you to be so close to the end of your challenge.  I have faith that you are going to finish strong, well and with a shower after your workouts - good luck and let me know how it went.

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