day 1 may 10th 2010

  • I will be starting this monday. Does anyone have any tips to stay on track?

  • Planning is key................. plan your meals, exercises, shoppings lists.Plan on keeping detailed records of what you're doing- you will need them for reference as you work out the bugs of your individual progress. Plan on what you'll do if your plans are Plan B,  Plan on coming to this community as often as possible with questions, for encouragement or just to see what others are up to.

    Welcome to the BFL family!


  • KAT Said it best ...but also know u can do this !!

  • KAT is right on!! "If you fail to plan you plan to fail"

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • wow... day 1 is an exciting day... you will experience changes mentally and physically at each their own pace.... some things to remember.. dont expect to wake up on day 3 and be like oh wow!!!! It will take some time but youl feel it inside first... keep motivational thoughts and daily review them... keep your goals in front of you never lose sight and smile!!!! day 1 will turn into day 30 then will see great results!!!!!!!


  • I started on Sunday so we are together (almost) on that, experimenting with recipes and happy withe the ones I have tried. the protien pancakes are good as is the egg white omlets that I thought I wouldn't like. I made one with 4 whites 1 regular, green pepper and LF cheese and my hisband and I shared it.

    thought maybe we could stay together for a while and see if we could help each other, I am nrevous about sticking with it. I have registered for the challenge and taken my before photos.

    what do you think? I think getting encouragement from those who have been doing it awhile is going to be great so I plan on coming back here often. let me know how today went


  • Pcurley-

    Just believe in yourself and KNOW you can do this! You owe it to yourself!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Thanks

    I know I can I know I can

    I know I will

    I know I will

    I know I will

  • yesterday was my first day too..i sorta just stumbled upon this website but I feel like it was the motivation I needed! good luck to you..i hope we can both achieve our goals. I just had a baby 7 months ago, gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy and still have 30 to go. Since we started on the same day, let's keep in touch! I know I am going to need all the support I can get :) Good luck!

  • Yesterday was the first day of my 3rd (non-consecutive) challenge.  Hooray for  August 2 finishers!

  • Congrats on the new baby! lets really do this! we will not be perfect but we can learn as we go and be gentle on ourselves.

    speaking of  perfectionism! It is only day 3 and I want to eat the whole refrigerator but I plan to pull out some recipes and try another new one, I am also about to reluctantly do my work out, just because I had a long day and would rather not, but I know I will glad I did once I am done since it only day 3 I will be doing the lower body work out. I think what I fear most is being so sore as I get use to it that I get discouraged. Does anyone ever need an exra rest day between work outs to let your muscles recover or is this a big no no.

  • twigs, Hiya and WooHoo for you for starting to get healthier.

    One of the great things about BFL exercises is that your rest days for different body parts (Upper and Lower) are already built into the plan.  Don't take anymore rest days for your own sake.  Do not convince yourself you are doing something good by "letting yourself recover" any more than necessary.  Get your 8 hours of sleep a night, if family schedules get into the way of that then change the family schedule.

    Best wishes for health and discipline for you.

  • I also started Monday May 10th!  Looking forward to following along with others in the same boat!


  • Yay May 10th!  Good luck everyone! I hope you've had a good first couple of days!  Planning is key for me and getting up early to do my workouts so I don't "run out of time" at the end of the day.

  • Hey everyone... starting week 3 - how are you all doing for motivation??  I had a really hard time yesterday getting back to it after my cheat day Saturday! A successful trip to the mall and fitting into a smaller size did wonders fro helping me jump back on the wagon this morning!  I haven't noticed any changes in the scale but definitely see a (small) difference in the way my clothes are fitting lately!  Must say I'm surprised anyone's notices after only a few weeks, but hey.. I'll take it!