Not loosing much weight

  • I have completed nearly 5 weeks of my challenge.  My starting weight was 268.4, and when I weighed myself today, I was 262.5.  I've been eating according to the plan, and exercising hard, but I am getting very discouraged.  Usually men have an easier time loosing weight, but not me!  Around what week do men usually see a drastic drop in weight?

  • Good morning MusicMan! With Body For Life, patience & consistency are key. We have to remind each other alot here on the site to use body measurements, photos & the way clothes fit to determine progress, & not so much the scale. Do you have a pair of pants that have been snug in the past that you can try on every couple of weeks? Did you take before pictures & measurements at the waist, chest, thighs, biceps, etc... at the beginning? If not, do so now! The loss in inches will encourage you far more than the scale will. Sounds like you're doing great challenge-wise, just keep with it & the results WILL come! There are many here that are living proof! Hope this helps & I'm sure that some guys will chime in with guy-related advice, LOL! Have a great Saturday!

  • well said Christina!!    Hang in there Music Man!  You CAN do this.  If the scale is your enemy  stay off it .  I am exactly where you are in the challenge and have not weighed myself exactly for that reason.  This weekend take time to review your goals and also take stock in the things that have already changed (i know there are several things you already feel and see)  Please Please stay with us on this journey, its no fun going it alone :)   jill

  • Sounds like the muscle is building.  Hang in there and read what ChristinaB wrote.  She's right. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Don't get discouraged!  And don't be a slave to the scale!  I lost the most of my weight in the last 3 weeks of my challenge - it just dropped right off.  But before that, my body was changing, but the scale wasn't moving too much.  Jut keep your eye on the prize - don't get distracted by the scale - try to look past that and focus more on how you're feeling and how your clothes are fitting.


    "Without struggle there is no growth"

  • Know that the most important of changes are happening on the inside right now! Forget the scale, MusicMan, it is not a true measure of what is changing. Keep up the BFL ways and your body and mind will respond in a way you never dreamed worth writing a song about, maybe an entire album will flow out of you after 12 weeks!

    When I started I gained almost 10 pounds, felt dicouraged about the scale- so quit weighing, kept up with the program, noticed slight in week 11 it's like a melting is occuring, weight is coming off daily, totally worth it!

    You will get results...just like I have with patience!  


  • I'll also add a tough love approach.

    Are you hitting the appropriate intensity 100% of the time?

    Not missing any workouts?

    Are you eating totally clean?  Really?

    Getting the portion sizes right?  Really?

    Veggies twice a day?

    Just giving you something to consider, it is sometimes easy to overlook how we sometimes cheat ourselves and still expect results.  I really wish the best of health and discipline to you MusicMan.

    Changing so many bad habits from our past is not easy, congratulations on your progress so far.

    To answer your original post, I lost about 7 lbs the first week, just getting my body cleaned out and drinking lots of water I suppose,  my progress since then has been about 2 lbs each week lost.

    C1W8D2  Start 221 lbs, currently 199.

  • Yes, I am being very careful about portion sizes, and when I do my weight training, my muscles are FRIED, and when I do my 20 min cardio solution, body body is covered in sweat!  I actually am getting results other than weight loss, as I have WAY more energy than I've ever had in my life, my muscles are growing, and yes, my stomach is shrinking.  Just the thing is, I read the body for life book, as well as the body for life champions book, and when you read about guys like Porter Freeman who lost over 50lbs in his challenge, and Fred and Renee Scruti that lost a combined weight of 98lbs in their challenge, I really like I should have lost more than 6lbs by now.  But then again, I've only completed 5 weeks.  By the way, If anyone wants to see what I look like, plus hear some of my music, check me out at LarryB1984.

  • I am at W5D5.

    I started at 238, and now under 220.

    I am leaning with James on this one.

    There is a physical/universal law at work here.

    Its called resistance training w/ proper nutrition which combined speeds up metabolic rate, builds muscle, and burns fat.

    That is Law.

    Like gravity.

    Now, I am quite sure there is more to the gravity of your situation.

    Remember, no beer, or partying.

    Two or three beers, or, a couple cocktails on your cheat day only!

    Moderation in all things (including cheat day), is the balance that will bring results.

    Reduce your portion sizes. No extra bites, or even slightly larger portion sizes.

    Reduce your portion sizes, and do not miss your work out days.

    And, finally, push yourself to 10's on 4th set, and make it a high point to push out more the 6 reps.

    Last set of each exercise should go to failure. That means when you get to 12 reps, you push out more until you can't get half way through a rep.

    Do your 20 min. HIIT (aerobics) in the morning - hour before first meal. You burn fat noticeably by doing this.

    This is the path of success.

    No excuses, no reasons.

    James and I, have your best interests in m mind, and we want you to succeed.

    Now, get on, and ride it hard the rest of the way!

    You can do this!

    Get tough with yourself, and push it hard!

    Remember - this is also "12 weeks to mental strength", too.

    Can't have one with out the other.

    We are here for you, but, you need to be there for yourself.  

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • I do appreciate all the love, even the tough love!  I think my problem is drinking diet soda's, and not drinking near enough water.  Over the last few days, I have been drinking lots more water, and I am going to drink all 10 glasses of water that I am supposed to drink per day.  That right there may have been the problem.  I have however, seen a nice change in my body, as I look thinner, and more muscular, and not to mention I feel better on the inside!