Derailed and returned back!!

  • Hi all,

    I am in C1W2D5. Last week I mentioned about three things I changed and I felt wonderful. But this week was not too smooth for me. I was too happy for Sunday for a free day last week. 

    On Monday - Felt little slow in gearing up for the week due to the free day. On night had white rice with Tofu thinking Tofu is good source of Protein. 

    On Tuesday - Couldn't go to Gym. But climbed my 2 Storey apt 10 times for 10 minutes and had to go out with my roommate. Again had rice in the dinner along with a footlong sub. (Too heavy for dinner) 

    On Wednesday - Had a slight heated argument in office and was terribly upset. Not only did I hog for food but also didn't have the mood for Gym. My upper body workout was skipped. More than feeling relaxed because of not working out, I felt uncomfortable and restless. 

    On Thursday - Asked my roommate to kick me out of house if I don't go Gym. She drove me to the Gym and ensured that I reach Gym. My only laziness is getting ready and go to the gym after that I get motivation seeing other people. So yesterday I did my 20 min aerobics and Wednesday Upper body workout. I really had good sleep yesterday night. My mind was calm. 

    Because of 2 days of breach, I gained the weight I lost last week but now I am back to the track. I feel good. 

    So I would say, some days we all feel bored to go Gym and it is saturating too but if we push a little harder, it gives us satisfaction as well as good health. 

    I will keep you all updated on my progress so that your motivation will stay along my side. If there is anyone in Week 2 or 3 and totally fresh to all this, lets be friends so that we can share our problems and happiness 

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • Good for you that you got back!  I'm in week 6 and the gym has been the hardest for's like once I'm there and doing it, it feels great and the high seems to last all morning.  So why can't I maintain??

    My new thing is I wake up, have a cup, pick up the keys...and GO!  Let's see if I can maintain it.

    Yeah, none of us is perfect...but working toward.  Thanks for sharing!

    Tammy - Atlanta

    You Get What You Give -'... if you feel your dream is dying...hold on've got the music in only get what you give.'  (New Radicals)

  • I wasn't sure where to write, this seem like the best thread. I am in the middle week number 4, total disaster this week. Totally off the wagon, ate everything and anything pretty much all week. I don't know how it even started, I usually start off great in the morning, and I have a positive mindset. Saying okay today is a new day, going to do better. As the day progress my habits progress to the worst. So I decided I needed to be more accountable to myself, so the best way would be to write everyday in the BFL community, letting everyone know how I am doing, good or bad. Maybe this will keep me from derailing, don't want to see like a loser or someone that gives up on everything she tries to do, to everyone on this site, that would be embarrassing. Tomorrow is wk4 day 6, I need to regroup and refocus. I am not giving up, just delaying the progress. I am going back to MI 4th of July weekend, I really wanted to look my best when I went back. I really wanted people to be shocked and realized all the work I put into it. I may not be exactly where I wanted to be, but I figure if I work really hard these last 7 weeks, give it everything I have. Maybe I will be close to what I wanted. So that’s what I will do, everyday I will post on here to keep me accountable for my decisions.

    Now, I have something positive to say for my progress. I do have definition in my arms, even my husband says that’s what is  more noticeable to him. He always says he is very proud of me, even when I I am bombing like crazy this week. He is leaving for 10days, I really want to work really hard a maybe make a slight change that he may notice when I see him again. Wish me luck everyone. I just wish I knew why I keep letting myself down.  Those of you that that finished and did great, KUDOS to you. I hope I will be a success story, even If I don’t have great results. Thanks everyone for listening me complain and having a pitty party.  

  • Hi making the change,  wow this post could have been written by me several times in the last 5 weeks.  I too have a supportive husband and a beach vacation in the the summer (that I want to look good for)  You and I suffer from what a friend of the family calls  "stinky thinking".  This is where you focus only on the negative and then from there all these negative thoughts you hang around your neck and carry them around (we probably have the strongest backs ever).  Someone on this site told me once I should try changing what I tell myself.  for example "I hope I will be a success story"  to " I can't wait to be a success story"  or  " wow look at all the success I am already having"  also changing your Maybe's into  I will's .   I feel your pain my friend, but I think a huge part of BFL is overcomming our own brain.  Sounds like you are making good progress so don't let this one week throw you off.  Regroup and cook this weekend and you will be right on track :)   Oh and also its not complaining and having a pitty party to get your thoughts out on a sounding board (this site)  it is the only way we can really examine them to see if they are lies or the truth.  Great success next week and beyond    jill

  • thanks Jill. its nice alone I am not the only one screwing up. but you are right, I need to change my mindset and will change it. keep working hard, as shall I.

  • It seems we all need to fall of the wagon - once - to realize first of all, how easy it is to give in to weakness.

    Also, we get it with stress and obstacles.

    For many, it is a trained response to carb overdose, AKA - stress eating.

    To give up, and blow off the rest of the day.

    It is up to us to retrain our conditioned response to face these things head on, and take it out on the weights!

    Bottom line - no excuses, no reasons, just you, me, this nutritional meal plan, this resistance weight training, and determination.

    Remember, this is also "12 weeks to mental strength".

    It is time to get tough, and NOT let anything deny who we are, our goals and plans for this LIFE!

    Only we, us, you, me - can stand in our own way, and nothing else.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Terry, I loved what you wrote. You are right it is all up to us. So today is startign week 5, yesterday I spent the day re-evaluating myself, my goals, getting myself psyched again. today I am ready to face week 5-12 with a vengence. I will hit it hard and strong. infact i am actually going out to buy, dare I say a bikini,( i haven't wore one since I was in my early 20's.) I my goal is to look nice in it my the time 12 weeks is up. i only screwed up for about a week or so, off and on. hopefully I didn't set myself to far back. Here I go!