Good Bye, booty dimples!

  • C1 W7 D4

    Ok, seriously, I've had cellulite since I was 13, I swear it. No where but on my butt and thighs, and now, it's almost completely gone! I didn't take measurements or a "before" photo, but in week four I took a pic and I was still disgusted with my look. I promised myself that I wouldn't get on the scale and I gave it away!

    So today, I was about to take a shower and I always say to myself, "don't turn around and look in the mirror; you'll only get mad at yourself"..... But today, I was feeling brave and turned and did a double take, then some flexing, yaaay! I am super excited. Now I am seeing some significant differences.

    It was a pleasant surprise; I really hadn't thought about my cellulite leaving because it's always been there.

    BFL, good! Booty dimples, bad!

    haha  have a good one all :) - yay


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Nice.  I think you've found a very measurable way of your progress haha.

  • Hmm, the body changes are different on us guys I know.   I really wish I wouldn't lose all of my butt when I lose weight.  lol.  I like having a bit back there to fill out my jeans.  This is week 8 for me and I am changing my quad exercises to proper squats to make more muscle back there.

  • Katiebug, I am happy for you and jealous. I can never seem to get rid of my cellulite, and it grows on   me.  I think I will always have the dreaded, don't look in the mirror feeling. Even when I was down in body fat and weight, it was there.

    James, I too will be saying goodbye to my rear. I wish the stomach would go instead. Melissa

  • Yeah, I haven't seen much of a change in my belly, and the first thing I was looking to go was that little "mommy pooch". I guess it'll be the last (if it does!).

    As far as the little butt go, I guess you could buy some "skinny jeans"! LOL (Although I myself am not a fan) I've always heard that the last place women lose weight is in the belly and thighs. Those are the tough spots and men say their middle all around.

    When my husband loses weight his belly is always the first to go, and I get so jealous, because he puts so little effort in and he'll get a six pack (albeit, he's only 28, so this too shall pass...)

    Anyway, still dancin' in front of the mirror! Yay :p

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • LOL, I'm glad I"m not the only one that has noticed this! My sister-n-law and a good friend of mine has always told me i have a fabulous rear. Both saw me the other day and was like "you can't lose anymore weight! You're losing your butt!" I really didn't notice and still don't for the most part. But my gosh I am losing in my chest. What's up with that? I need to lose in my belly!

  • Remember, where the fat piles on first, is generally the last place to burn off.

    You crack me up, Katie!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry