Week 0 Progress and Questions

  • So this week started off as a pretty rough first week. Monday was quickly flushed down the toilet by oversleeping, working from home, a play date being held at our house. These aren't excuses just things that happened. Tuesday wasn't much better. I quickly realized that my prep work and planning were lacking in a big way. HOWEVER, on Wednesday I kicked it into gear!! Up early and hit the gym for GREAT upper body workout and stuck with a good meal plan. Today could have turned into a Monday or Tuesday, but I didn't let it happen. I got up late and didn't make it to the gym first thing, but I ate well and hit the gym after around 1 and did a Cardio workout that seriously kicked my butt. Tomorrow I'll hit the gym for a lower body workout and Saturday we're doing a March of Dimes Walk (so that will be my cardio). So I'm calling this my Week 0 (I've posted my Week 0 pick on my profile). Next week will be my official Week 1 for my challenge. I'll be taking a new photo on Sunday just to stay honest.


    So I have some pretty challenging weeks coming up and was wondering if you all could help out with some advice. Part of my job requires that I travel quite a bit. I was wondering how some of you have planned for trips/conferences that you have to attend while still maintaining your BFL plan? I would appreciate any advice on this. One thing I've done is to make sure there is a weight room at the hotel I'm staying at when i travel. What about eating out and planning meals while traveling (specifically when flying). Further, in addition to my traveling next week (and pretty often) I'll be in charge of my twins for a long weekend while my wife takes trip to NYC. So Friday, Saturday and Monday, I might have to get creative with my workout...any idea for this if I can't get to the gym.


    I have to say a huge thank you to Champster09 for dropping me a line and giving me some encouragement and accountability. 



  • Hey Jimbob and Welcome.  Congratulations on your decision to challenge yourself to better health.

    When I traveled for business, I relied on protein shakes and bars more than than I do when at home.  I traveled with my shaker bottle and prepacked protein powder in baggies.   When meetings took breaks or when I could, I quickly mixed up my shake and drank it down.   It was easy for me to grab a yogurt or piece of fruit when I needed also.   I discovered that most restaurants would make me a plain grilled chicken bre ast if I asked them to.  Then it was just a matter of picking a sensible carb and veggie.  

    If you like tuna, they make the pouches that travel well.  A package of whole wheat tortillas can be packed for the trip for a tuna roll up.

    My best advice is that whatever the menu says or whatever is available for you to buy on site, make the best decision.  There are "good" "better" "best" choices all around us.

    Be ready for temptations in restaurants/bars, the better you plan the better you can deal with the temptation.  Stay focused on your goals and the promise you are making to yourself.


  • Thanks James, I didn't think about the tuna packages. Great advice!!!