My Story

  • I am 38 years old, happily married to a fantastic man and have two wonderful children which we homeschool and run two businesses.  Life was good.....almost.  But my body was holding me back.  My mind is sharp, my soul is thriving, but my body was a hinderance.  I copied this quote that someone here has posted.

    "Your body tells the story of your life.  What you've been doing, what you've been neglecting, what you've sacrificed and what you've achieved.  Your body sends signals to the world around you about what you believe in, what you are here for and down what path you are walking.  Your body is truly your document on how high you hold yourself.  A neglected body means you neglect yourself."              Pauline Nordin

    My body was getting in the way, not only in what I wanted to accomplish, but in what I was trying to 'say'.

    I have been overweight the majority of my life, but had lost 76 pounds about thirteen years ago, and had 35 to go.  BFL played some part in that, but I was never committed enough to get past three weeks, even though I was seeing results.  Life happened and I found myself weighing 280 pounds (at 5' 5") by the end of 2009.

    I was ready for change.  I wish I could document how finally being ready happened, but I can't.  I can only say that there was just 'something' within that was gnawing at me.  So, I began to read.  That's what I do.  I read.  Then I do.  I read Never Say Diet (Hobbs), YOU on a Diet (Oz) and of course Body-for-Life (Phillips).  But I knew I wasn't ready for that yet.  But eventually, I would be.  I knew I would be.  I just had to 'get there' first.  This time wasn't made for failure.  It was made for planning....leading to success.  One day at a time.  And only one day at a time.  The focus must be on habits.  I'm not obese because I have a medical problem.  I'm not obese because I lack knowledge or understanding.  I have been obese because I lack the habits that lead to a healty lifestyle.  I needed to exchange slothfulness for temperence.  Laziness for self-control.

    2010 was the year to change for good.  And, for me, it started on January 1st.  I acted on what I was willing to do.  Then I built on that.  And that is exactly what I intend to continue to do.  It doesn't matter how bad or successful I was yesterday.  That won't help me today.  Today, I must follow and trust the plan.  Today, I must dig those habits deeper.  Today.  Just today.  That's all I have.

    So I broke 2010 into six phases having a idea of what plans we had for the year.

    Phase 1:  3 weeks.  FOOD - an adapted fast coinciding with my church.  EXERCISE - first thing in the morning....move.  Elliptical, walk, whatever, just move.  HABITS - move first thing in the morning, write down everything I eat and drink, and make myself accountable to two people.

    Phase 2:  6 weeks.  FOOD - Eat 5 to 6 mini meals per day (same as BFL foods), drink 120 oz water daily.  Take vitamins.  EXERCISE - 6 days of HIIT and 3 days of core exercises using stability ball (Chantel Hobbs - Never Say Diet.)   HABITS - Working out first thing in morning, planning and following daily eating and exercise journal.

    Phase 3:  12 weeks.  Enter Body-for-Life.  I am currently in C1W9D3 following the plan in it's entirety.

    Phase 4:  4 weeks.  Keep eating BFL, but mostly cardio since we will be out of town for a month.

    Phase 5:  BFL for 16 weeks

    Phase 6:  Nov. & Dec.  Not sure yet.  I have to see where I'm at, then strategize!

    Starting stats:

    Weight: 279.6  Body fat%: 68.47  BMI: 46.59

    Phase 1 (plus one week) results (body fat % determined by online calculator):

    Fat loss: -27.87 (fat & water)   Muscle gain: 11.67   Body fat% loss: -6.37   BMI loss: -2.79   Inches lost: -17.25

    Phase 2 (minus one week) results:

    Fat loss: -13.63   Muscle gain: 5.23   Body fat % loss: -3.30  BMI loss: -1.37   Inches lost: -13.25

    Phase 3: First 4 weeks

    Fat loss: -9.80   Muscle gain: 2.40   Body fat % loss: -2.20  BMI loss: -1.23  Inches lost: -9.25

    Phase 3: 8 weeks

    Fat loss: -10.35   Muscle gain: 1.35  Body fat % loss: -2.20   BMI loss: -1.50   Inches lost: -7.50

    Total so far if I've typed everything in correctly:

    Scale weight loss:  -41.00 bringing me down to 238.6

    Fat loss:  -61.65   Muscle gain: 20.65   Body fat % loss: -14.07 bringing me down to 54.4%  Inches lost: -47.25

    Also, I only weigh and measure on the first of each month only.  That way I focus on habits and not on those crazy, fluctuating numbers!  My husband even takes the scale away.  It magically appears every first of the month, then poof, it's gone again.  (By the way, my husband has lost 40 pounds himself, just because of cutting out a few things and by me cooking healthy!)

    Of course, as everyone here knows, this isn't all about stats.  I feel so much stronger in just about everything - walking, stairs, playing with my toddler, playing in the clubhouse with my daughter.  I no longer have the afternoon nap attack - well, usually - unless I've had a killer workout, then nature has to take it's course.  I feel taller!  I carry myself more confidently.  My skin radiates the joy within.

    I have many more individual days ahead of work and change for me.  But each day I resist temptation, I gain it's strength and that propells me forward (with God's help) to greater things.  I'm mostly excited about the fact that I'm implementing new habits.  These habits last a lifetime, whereas a diet, just a season.

    I could 'fill in' so much more, but I'm afraid it would become intolerably long.  So I'll spare all of you.  And thanks to all of you who post such positive, inspiring and yet 'no excuses' comments and posts.  I have already benefited and perhaps my little story, may help someone.

    What's your story?

  • hi!  thanks for sharing your story.  congrats on your great stats thus far!  it sounds like you are a woman w/ a plan!  :-)  can't wait to hear your stats in a few weeks.  

  • WOW! I'm impressed with your plan and how you are implementing it! Your attitude towards changing your habits is GREAT! Keep up the great work!

    Yesterday is History

    Tomorrow's a Mystery

    Today is the Present-Focus on the Gift!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Thanks jaypbee and DebbieMO for your encouragement!

  • Incredible!

    Give the woman a plan and get outta her way! You are a woman on a mission!       Sounds like you middle name should be "Determinista"

    Please keep us informed. You life story is an inspiration.


  • I've spent entirely too long living without a mission!  So now, just call me Bonwitty determinista!  Thanks, I like it.  ;-D

  • Great Job on your changes, very inspiring....