7 Week Progress Pics

  • What a great week.

    It started out a little slow...I found myself getting bored with my exercises. So I did some research on Monday night and mixed it up a bit! Glad I did because I picked up pace again by Wednesday and felt re-focused. Oh AND I was super sore this week from weight lifting. Loved it.  I guess with the new exercises, I was working different muscle groups.

    I felt like the last few weeks, I wasn't seeing great abs/glutes results. So, I did one extra exercise for my butt and abs and I really think I got the ground rumbling doing that this week. I know that more isn't always more, but in my case, I believe I need more abs/glutes work. Mostly because most of my fat is in my mid section and butt.

    What I'm proud of this week...My BOOTY! It's slowly tightening up and I'm losing that cottage cheese a little bit at a time! Also, my midsection "tire" is slowly deflating! But I have to admit...It is hard seeing and realizing that I'm going to have a lot of extra stretched out tummy skin when I reach my goals from being pregnant with the kiddos. it's amazing how much skin is already starting to bunch up below my belly button! But I'd rather have stretched out skin that sags then fat! It really is exciting to see the change happening though, especially when you compare my day 1 pic. I just look SICK back then. It's hard to believe that was me just 7 weeks ago! So onto week 8 I go...Still feeling motivated and focused! Thanks for all the encouragement and support BFL peeps. I really appreciate it!!

  • Woohoo! You go girl! Just love hearing the excitement in a persons words and the happy glint in their eyes!



  • Not sure why the comparison pics didn't post, SO I edited the post and added it. :)

  • Thanks so much Aussie, Means a lot to me!

  • Amazing!!!! You look fantastic!  You must feel like a million bucks:-)

  • You have quickly become a leader in our community. I love seeing your weekly progress pictures because your progress is truly amazing. You can tell that your brimming with confidence. Keep up the amazing work on yourself and being such a supportive member of others in forum.

  • Great work so far!  Your hard work and motivation is really showing.  You are doing awesome.  Thanks for keeping us updated.  You are a true inspiration.  

  • Thank you everyone. I am starting to feel a lot of excitement seeing the weight come off! Thanks so much for your compliments...I couldn't do it the way I've done it without a support system like the one that the BFL community has provided me!

  • you look phenominal, keep it going

  • WOw, great work and positive attitude,  Keep Moving FOrward and I am sure you will be even more pleased. Your progress is inspiring to all of us out here. BFL all the way!!

  • Nice work!  Keep it up!

  • Awesome progress!!  Keep going..... you are melting

  • HOLY HELL! You are on FIRE!!! Sizzling and sparking all over! Heck I don't even know you, and I just want to squeeze your neck! (as Champ Laurie Deemer would say) and tell you how amazing you are and how much more amazing the next weeks coming will be!!

    BANG THE DRUMS!! THIS is what it's all about! : )

    On a side note, here's a little fun to add to your trips to the BR. Vary your leg stance each time you go in, and do minimum 15 *** to grass squats, with a real squeeze and thrust at the top. Those squats will do magic on that boootay that you are working on! ;) not to mention your hams, and depending on the stance, your quads.

    OH MY I can't wait to see the end of 12 weeks for you!

  • HAHAHAHA! Legsy, I don't even know you and I already love you! hahaha. Your comment was just awesome! What a great tip for those booty squats! Today was lower body day for me and I did try something similar actually! I did sumo squats heels  inward legs spread just past shoulders 12,10,8,6 reps, varying weight and then I did regular squats, heel facing behind me shoulder width apart and I held the weight between my legs as I squat 12,10,8,6 varying weight and.... HOLY SMOKES, I am feeling it! I really like that! ;)

    Thank you SO MUCH for the encouragement and the good laugh! I hope my results are amazing at 12 weeks too!

  • Brilliant theorchild33!

    You are on the right path for sure! I have always had trouble with leg development (thus the name...ug).  Its the last place I lose excess, and the first area it shows up again. They are still my "project", and in time, ever so slowly, the muscles will be more than the layers of fat.

    Be aware of what area of your legs ache tomorrow, from the squat aftermath. By doing that, you can then choose a different stance (say, feet together) for the following days trips to the BR! Remember that squeeze! ;)  If you are using a sitting or laying leg press machine, if you keep your feet together, and just turn them slightly to the left, or right to do the press, you will not only engage your quads, but your butt too - in a way you may not have worked it before. (You will feel it more in the top positioned leg)  Im all over moves that incorporate more than just one muscle. Those happy squats, and doing presses like the above the odd LBWO day will give you more bang for your buck. I used to spend hours on sites that showed different ways to do UBWO and LBWO. It became a healthy obsessoin in ways. :/

    Pay attention to your food though - you may find yourself becoming hungrier faster on leg day. I always did....Those are big muscles to feed! and they need proper fuel around the time you workout to repair themselves. If you are not eating correctly to aide in your goals of building muscle, your body will actually use the already stored protein in it to survive! You dont want that! LOL.

    OK, enough lecturing...I have no doubt you are focused, and ready to make this happen. I am proud of you!!!