Hey, All! Back at it and READY! Started Jan. 4, 2014

  • Hey everyone!  I'll be popping in and out over here and help where I can.  I originally started on BFL in 2008 to help with baby weight loss and have navigated my way back.  I'm a 36 year old mom and ready to rock the next twelve weeks!  My first official day was January 4th (Saturday) and I look forward to the back-and-forth conversations I can find here!  I'm looking to lose 20# and drop my BF% from its current 31% (hello, winter coat!)

    I also created a blog where I'll be tracking my workouts and posting deals that I find on foods (eating healthy can get expensive!).  I'm tracking my food on another site.


  • Hey Katiej77!  Best of lluck on your journy.  You have a huge support group running right now.  Jump in the water is warm :-)

  • Hi Katiej77. great blog! I will keep track for sure. Are you doing cardio and weights on the same day or did I misunderstand your logs?

  • Hey IWILLGETFIT - thanks for looking over there.  For me, maximum weightloss comes when I incorporate some type of cardio after my weight lifting session.  HIIT will be done - for sure!  I just know that my body burns more fat when I add 10-20 minutes at the end of my weight days.

  • Best of luck to you on your transformation, Katiej77. You go this!