5 Weeks Progress Pictures

  • Below are 5 weeks progress pictures. The last two weeks have been a bit abnormal with having a cold and my wife being off work. Workouts were seldom first thing in the morning and Christmas and New Years Eve/Day were a challenge on the food front. Nevertheless, I persevered and am happy with my progress. Last week, I had my best workout week in terms have maxing out my intensity levels. The scale said I lost 1 lb this week and I was able to get into a pair of pants that I wasn't able to get into 5 weeks ago. They are actually lose on me now. My total weight loss in now 10.8 lbs. 

  • Well done!  Can't wait to see your final results!

  • That's really impressive results, can see a massive different in face as well as body.  Imagine what the next 7 weeks will bring

  • Definitely see a big difference there! Keep up the good work!

  • Great work, your detemination and efforts are showing in your photos and your winning smile.  Keep Moving Forward!!

  • That's good, dude.  I'm excited to get to share my results too.  Thanks for putting those up. 

  • Thank you for all of your kind words. I really feel like I have a lot of positive momentum now.