1st challenge success stories

  • Hi all

    I am starting my first challenge on the 5th Jan.... So was hoping to hear of the sucess stories people have had on there first challenge.

    Also it would be nice to have any hints and tips to make sure I am successful. 

    I am determined to do this so just want to keep my focus and motivation strong by hearing how people have done.

    I have over 100lbs of fat to lose so it will be a long journey but I'm sure with the help of this forum I can suceed.

  • I just started the challenge on 12/29, but my advice is plan plan plan.  If you plan out your meals each week and spend the time pre-preparing everything, it makes life so much easier.  I shopped the day before I started, then came home, chopped up all the veggies I was going to use, prepared my chicken so it is ready to throw on the grill, and put things in baggies as single servings so I could more easily grab and go.  

    Also, I have been drinking water like crazy and it really helps keep me satisfied.

    Good luck with your challenge!

  • Thanks for the advice, I will defo try and use that as when time is short I don't wanna fall off the wagon due to this.

  • I don't know if you're still on here, since this post is a month old, but my first challenge was awesome!  I lost two dress sizes and totally rebooted my health.  I could give you the whole story if you like

    A tip I have is to cook your brown rice using bouillon (I use Better than Bouillon brand) and it tastes oh so much better.  And lots of low cal veggies (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower) at lunch and dinner really help satiety.