4 Weeks Progress Pictures

  • I felt like I breezed through the first three weeks, but this past week was a challenge on many fronts. The main obstacle was battling a cold which still persists. My wife is a teacher and is off work for two weeks, so getting my workout first thing in the morning seldom occurred. Christmas ended up being an unplanned off day, but I managed to get all my workouts in by Sunday morning.

    Despite the obstacles, I persevered and was rewarded when I stepped on scale for weekly weigh in and to my surprise was down 3.0 lbs. The previous week I had lost 1lb. I am now down a total of 9.8 lbs.

    I feel thinner than I look. My previous experience with BFL is that I have noticed the change in the first four weeks. Friends and family take notice in the second month. The last four weeks are when compliments are received from complete strangers. 

  • Great job Dan!  Almost 10 lbs in 4 weeks is awesome!  That is 40 stickes of butter gone forever!  Keep it rolling!