Don't know what to make of my 4th week measurements

  • I just started my 5th week, so today I had my BMI and body diameters measured. The numbers have me a little confused. BMI was taken via BodPod operated by a professional trainer. Male, 33 years old Week 1: Body Composition: 30.8% Weight: 204 lb Fat Free Weight: 141 lb Week 4: Body Composition: 29.6% Weight: 201 lb Fat Free Weight: 141 lb Neck: 16 1/8 inches Bicep: 12 1/4 inches Waist: 38 1/4 inches Thigh: 22 3/4 inches Diet: 6 meals daily, composed of at least 30g of protein and carbs each, veggies 2-3 times daily. Protein types are egg, chicken and whey shake. 1st meal is within 30 minutes of a lifting day (lift at 6am), and an hour after cardio on cardio days (cardio at 6 am as well). So what do the numbers mean? I'm getting stronger - my workout journal confirms that I'm lifting more weight and pushing harder on the cardio. I also feel my muscles getting more solid. Like Squid says, I'm not looking at the scale to measure my progress, but it's bothering me that the BMI isn't what I'd like it to be. I was feeling like it would be down somewhere between 25 and 27%. I'll stay on the program - this has just given me more motivation to push harder. Not longer, just harder.
  • Ok...the formatting is all messed up on the above post, although it looks right in the editor.  Don't know how to apologies