3 Weeks Progress Pictures

  • Here are my front back pictures from starting on December 2nd - December 23rd. This week I had a very solid week on the plan, but was only down 1lb. However, I am really happy with that 1lb loss because I also know I have gained strength and I didn't add any fat for the past three weeks. Progress may appear slow, but I know that is happening and that I will be pleased with the results 9 weeks from now. 

  • Way to go, it looks like you are seeing very healthy steady progress! Your face certainly shows how happy you are :-D

  • Keep up the great work more results will follow on down the line. Best wishes to ya!

  • I can tell a difference, especially around the midsection. Way to go!

  • Keep up the great work Dan. I'm just finished week 2 and in a similar situation. Internally, I definitely feel the difference. Keep moving forward.