Lean and Strong: Suggestions Required

  • I have reassessed where I am and where I want to be through the powerful process of honesty.


    I am going to start a new 'unofficial' challenge on Monday with the goal of getting lean and strong. I still have a slight amount of stomach layer(approx: 2-4%) I'd like to get rid of while increasing mass, thus it would appear lean and strong is the way to go.    The conundrum:  The supplement starter pack for lean and strong is Out-of-stock as are the rest of them except lean and tone.  Are there non-EAS products I can buy that would match the phosphagen and muscle armour? For example: would a creatine monohydrate and L-arginine capsules suffice, combined with the protein shakes I already have in my stock?


    Also, are there any tips or advice for working out or extra fuel requirements that would help me?



  • Armster- why are you starting a new challenge? I didn't think you had hit your 12 weeks yet, or did you? If you haven;t finished, I would suggest you stick with the first one! Keep going!

    If you have finished, then I am sorry, I don't keep up on people  :)

    Stacy Lynn

  • That's okay Stacy, you aren't expected to keep up on everyone.  I finished my first challenge, entry kit and all and am currently on Day 117 of my BFL life.  Since then, I have been back and forth with what I want to accomplish, but I have decided I would like a new challenge for myself with the goals stated as above.  Now just getting there ...well here I go.

  • Awesome job!

    I wish I knew some advice to give you.  :(

    Good luck!

    I look forward to watching you progress through your next challenge!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Armster: I believe you are at the point where you really want to fuel that machine properly and are paying attention almost daily how you feel after eating certain foods, and how your body is responding to certain excercises.

    In my opinion, you need to call the experts at 1-800-297-9776. Tell them your story and get the facts from them.

    I have called them and recieved good helpful information.

    I also buy my supplements now from a Canadian Store called Popeyes. I have been in 2 locations and am THRILLED with their knowledge. (much better than the "clerks" at GNC) Popeyes will also ship FREE on orders over $100. You are going to reach those goals. I know it.

  • Hmm Popeyes?  I may go that route.  I also have the GNC gold card, so I will do a little cost analysis and see the best method, if the starter pack stays out of stock that long.  The price of the starter pack is really good, so I am hoping to get that deal.

  • I have that Gold card too. Popeyes has that beat for what I bought AND at least in the Oxygen magazines, they have coupons. Here in Sask, they're having a huge sale this weekend.

  • Forget GNC!  The gold card is 13 shades of useless.  They mark up their products 50% or more, and even with "gold card savings", you're still paying way more than you would by buying off the web.  I use nutraplanet.com and a few other sites for the best deals.

    As to your original question...

    Phosphagen and Muscle Armor aren't necessary for what you want.

    Personally, I use VPX's NO Shotgun for a pre-workout drink (creatine, beta-alanine, arginine, and a few other "-ines" LOL!) to power you through an intense weight-training regimen like BFL's.  Without sugar, too.

    I also use VPX's NO SyntheSize right after lifting, which contains a protein blend, plus creatine, beta-alanine, glutamine, and other "-ines", without the sugar.  And the taste of both of those products is wonderful: watermelon, grape bubblegum, black cherry, etc.

    No, I don't work for VPX...but I do love those two products!  :-)

    I've seen great results, and whether the results have been aided by those products, I don't know.  I do know that I've been a little lethargic heading into a workout and NO Shotgun has given me enough "Ooomph!" to get through it.  I also know that you need a post-workout protein, and NO SyntheSize would probably be as good as any.

    Good luck!

  • Yeah, I've been looking at a few sites for Ideas Jon.  thanks for your input as well and I will definitely look into those products.  I have a few things I am looking at as well as having discussions with others.  Another option is L-Arginine tablets in place of muscle armour..  

    The things I like about Phosphagen Elite from outside reviews is that it tastes good, also adds an energy boost from the beta-alinine, and has been touted as 'the best creatine used' by more than a few people.  I can pick that up for 39.99 at GNC right now so I think I will stick with tthat.

    As for protein, I have never in my life had a protein that works as well as and tastes as good as EAS' whey protein so I won't be changing that anytime soon.

  • Hi everyone,

     I decided to jump in and ask for advise as well.  I am finishing my week 9 of my first challenge.  I take whey protein after my workouts aprox 30 min. plus I take in the morning CLA and betagen throughout the day.  Of cause multivitamins as well.  Is this all I need or I should add or eliminate somethings?  Thanks.

    Whether you believe you can't or you can, you are absolutely right! 

  • Sounds fine to me Aisulu.  When I did my first challenge, I did it that way, except I didn't use CLA.

  • Thank you.  

    Whether you believe you can't or you can, you are absolutely right!