Two Weeks In - Progress photos

  • I've completed two solid weeks, and I am feeling great. Thankfully, I survived the Thanksgiving Holiday without a setback. Seeing some small results and looking forward to 10 more weeks.

    Day 1 - Front

    Day 1 - Side

    Day 1 - Back

    2 Weeks - Front

    2 Weeks - Side

    2 Weeks - Back

  • Keep up the good work!  And congrats on making it through Thanksgiving with minimal damage!

  • Great results keep moving forward and your improvements will surprise you and your friends.

  • WOW....I'd say those are more than "small results" - look at the difference in your stomach in 2 weeks!  amazing=)

  • Your progress is truly inspirational! Keep it up. Yo may be a champion in the making.