Week 4, questionable results.

  • Hi everyone!

    I am a skinnyfat person, low muscle mass, high body fat, "normal" BMI. Here are my starting stats:

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 143lbs

    Body Fat: 15%

    I have locked in all the Body-For-Life principles as well as I can. In lifting, my lifts are going up a little bit but not much. I make sure to increase the weight each time I go. For HIIT, I am doing sprints on the treadmill with my high point being 12mph. Dietwise, I am going by the book with six meals a day and I'll get between 1800 and 2200 calories a day depending on my carb choices. I am also supplementing with creatine and a testosterone booster.

    The first two weeks, I locked in the diet, then I added lifting. It has been four weeks since doing everything "correctly".

    I checked the scale and I am now about 148-150lbs! However, I feel like I have possibly gained body fat and reckon I am between 15 and 17%.

    What's the deal? I would really like to be 10% body fat.and lose the doughyness.

  • Hi there Steven.

    First off, congratulations on your first month into the challenge. I would like to say that although you've gained weight, that is not necessarily a bad thing. You should expect to gain some mass because as you mentioned you have low muscle mass to begin with. Muscle mass is heavier than fat, so if you're noticing a change in your muscle tone and are able to lift more weights each week, you're likely increasing your muscle mass.

    Out of curiosity, how often and how much creatine are you supplementing with? Also, when you weigh yourself, are you weighing yourself in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings? I find weighing myself first thing in the morning is the most accurate.

    I will add that I noticed my changes the most about the 6-7th week into the challenge, so don't give up and keep at it!

    Adam Thomas

  • As  athoma46 stated, don't give up, better results often come in weeks 7 or 8 as you lose more fat and gain more muscle. As for BMI as a strict form of mesurement, our own former Champion (seen last on Dr Phil with a new book) and not to mention as study done by the Mayo CLinic of over 250,000 subjects pointed to the fact that BMI is a very much flawed way of measuring an Individuals true health level DESPIte what they stated on the national news channels last night (more baloney and then I switched channels after hearing this again).  Creatine would help you out but be sure to cycle off when you finish the container, if it is recommended by that company. (better results when you start again after that). Keep Moving FOrward!!!

  • Take another picture and compare to you start photo. That five pounds of muscle will reveal itself and give you the motivation you need to jeep going. Just imagine if you put another 10 pounds of muscle on in the next 2 months. Keep going. You are doing well.