Reinventing the wheel!

  • It's that time again..... so many threads about what to do, how to do it, why there is no weight loss, or why weight is increasing.........

    Many years ago, Bill Phillips put out the original BFL book.  The program works.  Everything is spelled out in detail.  All questions are answered.  We've all found the BFL site, so it amazes me how many people on this forum appear to have never read the book, and don't appear to be following the program as designed.

    We know how BFL works when you follow the book.  There are literally thousands of people who can attest that it works.  So, my suggestion is to follow the program as written, then when your 12-weeks is up and you've seen the results you're looking for, you can take that experience and apply it as you tweak the program.  Tweaking from the start leads to threads wondering why this isn't working!

  • Very good post!  

  • DaveND, outstanding post.  I've done the program as laid out before too and there is no doubt that it works when followed as written.  I tried tweaking it in my second round through it and, yeah, it definitely does not work as well when tweaked.  I have given experimenting with it a shot (more than once) and it just does not produce the same results as when it is followed as he laid it out in the original book.

    What are your thoughts on the Eating For Life book?  I think that's more for maintenance than for the actual "working" BFL program in which a drastic and complete transformation is the goal.

  • Hey Ag - I think if someone has weight to lose, and they are trying to make physical and lifestyle changes, then they should eat by the BFL book and leave EFL for free day.  Once someone has reached their goal weight and their goal body, then I think EFL is fine for maintenance.  But I still think during maintenance it's important to weigh yourself weekly so that if the pounds start coming back on you have a chance to catch it early and tighten things up so that you don't lose all those changes you've worked so hard for.

  • Great post. I think it comes down to self doubt. I have completed 12-weeks before on four other occasions in the last 12 years. Each time I achieved great results. Despite knowing it work, however, I started each time with doubt and wondered if for some reason things would be different for me this time and I would be let down. The truth is, it is a matter of simple math. Healthier eating and exercise will always equal a more fit body.