• Hello B4L family.  I took this pic today.  I have not been able to post all of my pics since I've been here in Afghanistan.  Just wanted to post a update.  i will post my final pics in about 5wks before I head home.  Thats right I will be headed home in about 5wks.  Stay motivated everyone and remember keep making FORWARD PROGRESS!!!!!!  Take Care.

    The pic on the left was taken today and the pic on the right was taken march april timeframe shortly after I made it here to Afghanistan. 

  • Way to GO Simpdog and keep moving forward and soon you will be back in the good ole USA (budgets permitting). You have made some fantastic gains and your attitude is Booooyeah!!!

  • Great job Simpdog!!!  Glad to see you're getting great results!  Great to hear you're coming home.  Thanks for everything you do over there, everyday, with no expectations of recognition or glory!  We appreciate you more than you can imagine!

  • Wow..you packed on all that over there?..DAMN DUDE!!!!!!  Keep your head down and make it home safe.  Thanks for your service...even if you're not getting $$ yet.  WE are ALL Proud of YOU!!  

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Thanks everybody.  I appreciate the comments.  I have 6mos of training left and I plan on entering my second contest.  Looking forward to putting on more clean weight and cutting down the body fat.  Stay motivated everyone and continue making that FORWARD PROGRESS!!!!

  • Congratulations - you look incredible! Thank you so much for your service and glad to hear you are coming home soon :)

  • Wow you look amazing, perfect!! You must be so happy :D You are a BFL expert now. Please teach the rest of us!

  • You look fantastic...great work.  Be safe, hope your time over there is speedy

  • Looking good! Stick to it and keep up the good work.

  • Great job! Thank you for your service!!!

  • Great Job! Keep up the great work!

    Sorry you are missing home for holidays. Your service is much appreciated!

    By any chance are you neat Jalalabad? My father-in-law has been there several times because he built a co-ed school through his Rotary club. I have had to pleasure of meeting several people from Afghanistan who have visited San Diego. I wish the rest of the world knew what great human beings most of them are.