1st Challenge done!!!

  • I have finished my first challenge ever and just submitted my Challenge package! I feel so great!

    Here are my stats:

                             Beg                                     End

    Pant size:        14                                          8/10

    Shirt size:        Large/X-large                     Medium

    Body Fat %     34                                         26

    Weight:           168                                       154

    Waist:              33.5                                       29.5

    Chest:            38.5                                        36.5

    Hips:               43                                           39

    Thighs:          26, 25                                24.5, 23.5

    Calves:           15                                             14

    Arms:              12.5, 12                                  11.5, 11.5

    I feel so great!!! Thanks everyone for all your encouragement  and helpful words especially when I wanted to give up!!! I did it!!!!

  • WOW great job!!! All your stats are very very impressive. That's real success there :D

    Could you post your before and after pics please? I would love to see them....

    Good luck on your submission and thanks for the post it's very inspiring.

  • Congrats on finishing your Challenge, it does feel great doesn't it???? Way to GO and Keep Moving Forward. Your results are very impressive, now I hope you took your time and did the essay part as well. We are all proud of you here on the site.

  • Wow! Awesome stats! Definitely inspiring. I'm starting, again, tomorrow...

  • Nice Job!! Great Stats!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Congradulations you did a great job

  • Congratulations!!!     Do you feel much better now than you did back when you started the program?   I am just starting week 6, and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by.   Stories like yours help keep me going on a daily basis, so thank you for sharing your success.

  • Thanks everyone!!!

    I feel soooo much better, geolson68. I have lots of energy and I just feel like myself again after years of feeling like I was in someone elses body (from all the weight gain). I look in the mirror and feel like Im looking back at myself with bright eyes and healthy skin. I went through a rough patch where I didnt stick with everything and thought I was going to give up but I didnt. I just got back on the "horse" and kept going and I am so glad I did!!

    My pics wont help BFLgalina because I dressed "modestly" so mostly just my arms and legs (below the thigh) are showing. Its kind of a bummer because I dont know how well the judges will be able to tell the physical changes overall but I just really wanted to enter the challenge and respect my feelings on modesty. I enjoyed the program so much and Im glad I finished and turned in the challenge packet. Hope all of you do GREAT!!!!