Bad diet choices at week 8!

  • RATS!  I have been doing so good, then for some reason week 8 hits and I'm totally bombing in the diet part.  I'm getting discouraged!!!  After Christmas I thought I would do this challenge, I thought i got the gist of it.  Did everything but the cardio for 4 weeks, then I got my spinning bike and added cardio by the book.  When I was not seeing changes I called the 1-800 # and they showed my the errors in my eating!  (Lots of healthy fats)  They told me that this was really scientifically put together so to speak.  So now when I look at my calender, doing this by the book, I have until the end of the month.  My discouragement comes from not seeing a lot of change.  And now, at the last leg, I'm starting to loose enthusiasm.  Still doing the work outs, just not doing the eating as well.  Not terrible, just not great.  This is week 9 and blew it last night!!! Went out to a party with my husband and well.....PMS has a little to do with it, I hope.  Did anyone ever fall off the wagon, then get back on the horse and see success???  I'm really bumbed...



  • I think its normal to every  now and again slide in a lil cheat here and there. especially in that pms week.  if you expect to eat perfectly you will be disappointed and depressed. the goal should be to yes eat great and save for your for your free day but if on occasion and not daily but on occasion you have a slip it will not harm you. you are still on track week 9 wow!!!!!! I am sure your seeing great results!!!!Just get right back on there and dont be discouraged.. go at it with a vengence and totally forgive yourself!!!!


  • Week 5 was my disaster week.  I ate Jelly Beans like they were going to take them off the market.   But buckled down, recommitted and was right back on track.  Don't beat yourself up.  It happens.  

  • Hey Burnandfirm!

    Don't be upset, you can always just use yesterday as your free day.  If you still need your free day this weekend because of aunt flo then take it. The best thing you can do after having a blunder is just get right back to eating as clean as possible. One night is not going to ruin your results. When I am feeling down about lack of results or a slip I always remind myself that even if you are eating 90% clean it is still much much better than what you were doing before you started this.

    Get back on the horse! You can do it!!!

  • Caroline this is when you have to ask yourself "Am I doing this for 12 weeks or am I going to change my mindset and do this for life?".  I recommend that you keep moving forward.  In your first our weeks you missed 12 cardio session, that makes a difference.  Then you discovered the too many healthy fats issue.  So you had a bad night, what are your choices?  Quit or press on.  Those are about the only two options.  I say press on and realize the number of things you've already figured out and that those will result in positive changes.  Bummed or not, pick your fanny up and move on Sister!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I did! (raising my hand really high).  I did and I still do from time to time.  We are human.  Not everyone can do Body-for-LIFE perfectly and those who do not will not see perfect results. :-)  BUT you will still see results.  This isn't Body for 12 weeks, it's Body-for-LIFE.  Remember once you reach your goal, you don't just stop, you have to find a way to maintain or you'll be back after gaining the weight again and then some (speaking from experience).  Move on and do what you can and don't worry about it too much.  Results will come as long as you continue on the right path.  That time of the month almost always derails me.  You can see my progress via the link to my name.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thanks everyone,  I am looking  at this as a body for LIFE....And its not just one bad night...Week 8 was a wash, so moved on to week 9 and don't have the grit I did the first 7 weeks.  I have lost 4 lbs. so far.  I can fit into some clothes that I could not get into before.  I use them as a gauge, they are not loose but I can get them zipped up.  So yea for me there.  I so appreciate everyone sharing their experiences and before & after shots.  I'm working up that grit now as I type, so thanks again for the input....I will post pics at the end of the month.  Also, I eat an advantage bar for my 1st  2 snacks with a small apple or orange.  Is that ok?  I feel like I'm eating a candy bar.  Love them...Should I try something else there.?

  • Fanny picked up and moving on......This is how it is....Brothers and Sisters.

  • :-)  fanny... couldn't help myself.  

    Just remember we all lose momentum and that's when crazy mad determination is called upon.  Trust me, I have those "oh I just want to sleep in" days just like everyone else.  But...I don't lay there, I get up and do it because I committed to MYSELF that I would.  

    Over time you realize this isn't about how many pounds you lose in 12 weeks, it becomes how great you will feel when you get to your goals no matter how long it takes.  You'll also find that when you get to where you wanted to be, you will have higher expectations of yourself.

    You're just having a bad time right now, just don't lay over and take it (that's the old way of dealing).  Jump up and kick some negative energy fanny and you will feel better all over.

    The bars give me gas (sorry about the TMI) so I only use them in emergency situations.  You are always better off with whole foods because your body has to work to process the food.  But if they work for you then fine.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I picked up Tom Veneto's book yesterday to find some inspiration. I remember BFLMike saying read, read, read...therefore I am. lol. ANYWAYS - I thought I would share this:


    - Physical hunger builds up gradually, starting with a tiny grumble in the stomach, growing to full-blown hunger pangs. Emotional hunger develops suddenly.

    - With physical hunger, you can wait if you have to. Emotional hunger seems to demand immediate satisfaction.

    - Physical hunger usually appears about 3 hours after the last meal or snack. Emotional hunger can happen anytime.

    - Physical hunger is usually a general desire for food. Emotional hunger is usually a desire for a specific food.

    - After eating, for physical hunger, the hunger goes away. After emotional eating, the hunger persists.

    - After eating for physical hunger, you get a sense of satisfaction. After eating for emotional reasons, you feel guilty.

    Interesting stuff!