12 Week Transformation w/ stats and pics!

  • Thank you Melissa!

  • Wow you look great and I am sure you feel great.  That's one of the reasons I started this challenge,  to feel great!  

  • Thanks Susie! I feel fantastic and I must admit it is one of the best parts about completing the challenge. I have so much energy throughout the day. Good luck on your challenge!

  • YW and thanks!

  • Awesome results Brother.  Keep up the good work.  Stay Motivated

  • I really think you have a great chance at winning the challenge! I am beyond impressed with your results!! and thank you for the kind words :)

    (formerly cbells88)

  • Thanks Simpdog! Keeping that motivation is the key.

    Thank you too Chelsea! Fingers crossed, I know a lot of people do the challenge so it will be interesting to see what happens if anything at all. Hope your challenge is going well : )

  • Wow, that is inspirational!

  • You did it! Freaking Awesome!