First 4 Week Results

  • Good morning Everyone -

    Saturday was the end of my first four weeks on the program.  I'm down 11 lbs and a ton of inches ... I'm not following numbers too much this time because they make me obsess, so I'm relying on my pictures and I see so much improvement.  It looks like I've lost more than 11 lbs ... I'm noticeably slimmer from every angle, I love it!  Oh and my cellulite is decreasing ... whoo hoo!!

    Outside of the physical results I'm much stronger.  I've had to increase my weight on some of the exercises, I've shaved two minutes off my mile, I can do push-ups on my knees with no real problem - I can do one or two on my toes which says a lot because I could barely plank at the beginning.  I've had to increase intensity on my cardio workouts because its becoming too easy ... Overall I feel so much better and its only four weeks. 

    By the end of 12 weeks I'm hoping to be able to wear my wedding ring again and if I keep this up it looks like that will be possible ... Not too comfortable with posting pics yet, but by the 12th week I will bare all - well in a bathing suit, lol ...

    To anyone struggling or doubting the program DON'T!!  This program works and I wasn't perfect.  I missed three workouts and two of my weeks I had two weekends of free days, so my eating was always perfect, but I kept pressing on ... Lift as heavy as possible, challenge yourself and try to reach your tens and you do not need anymore than 20 minutes of cardio, if you are pushing yourself with the cardio you won't want to do more - if you can do more you aren't challenging yourself ...

    The biggest thing I've learned in these first four weeks is TRUST - believing it will work for me ... I'm not the exception ... consistency is key!  I'm looking forward to the next four weeks ... 

  • Great Job!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • WTG! Thanks for the positive post!

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