Work out video??

  • So.... I have been running my A$$ off for the past 7 weeks and sweat alot.... but have little to show for it. I looked at my 6 wk photos and realized my problem area that I feel like I need to work most on is still my tummy. 

    I dug out an old work out video that focuses on abs (it's cardio). It is still pretty HIIT oriented. It introduces you to a dance routine, then you do it faster, then you do a series of jumps or jogs for the high  point, then it brings you into a slower version of the routine to slow your heart beat down. This is a total of maybe 1/2 hour and though it still gives me a good sweat, I am not sure if it is something I can substitute for my cardio. 

    It has standing crunches (pulling elbows to the knees) and other ab intense moves, and I have seen results from it a few years ago when I did the video religiously for a month. 

    Should I keep doing it? Do it every other week? See what gives me better results? Does anyone else do workout videos?? 

    Stacy Lynn

  • I use the 30 day shred every once in a while for my cardio. i think its fine to use as long as you are really hitting your 10s. It is nice to feel a different kind of sore/exhaustion from the video once in a while.

  • Dancerhasbn- How often do you use your video? I'm currently doing mine every cardio day. I was just getting to the point where I hated the sight of my treadmill!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • I have only been using it when i cannot make it to the gym... so probably 3 times for cardio. I would do it more often but I have this weird psychological thing where if I don't physically set foo tin the gym every morning i feel terrible about myself haha. weird i know. but it def works be out just as hard as being on the treadmill.

  • Here's something you may not want to hear.  Abs are made in the kitchen for the most part.  You can do all the crunches in the world but if your eating is not on point, you will not see those tight abs as soon as you like.  Also, abs are the last area of the body to lose fat.  Nothing wrong with doing those crunches but just be aware.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Check this site out.  It explains a lot.

    It says, "You cannot, cannot "spot reduce" the fat from a particular area of the body by working it more aggressively. You can certainly develop the muscles in that area through focused intensity, but fat comes off evenly from the body."

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Stacey, It's funny.  Prior to this, I was training for a half marathon until sciatica kicked in.  I had never had a fat stomach until I had a baby, and runing seemed like the natural answer.  And my tummy did noticeably shrink, especially as I ran the higher mileage.  Yes, i too ran my A$$ off.  But I have to admit, the fat on my stomach is actually less noticeable now since I've been hitting the weights hard on BFL.  And I can say honestly that I have been more religious at doing my weight routines three times a week than my HIIT three days a week.  My goal this week is to make sure I dont miss a workout, and I'm willing to bet my stomach fat will decrease even more, or at least feel less noticeable.

    Is it possible that you're not hitting your weights as hard, or with the same intensity that you seem to apply to your HIIT?  I fknow my feeling is that my stomach seems flatter when i work out my quads .   I may stand corrected, but I think it's one of the biggest muscle groups on our bodies.  I think there is a direct correlation between weight training of legs/quads and post workout fat burning in that since it's the biggest muscle, it can also help to burn the most amount of fat.  

    I'm sure the video is a great workout too, I've used many myself in the past as well.   It helps with boredeom, that's for sure.  But maybe the tweak isn't your cardio at all!  

  • did you ever see the commercial with the cartoon hubby and wife. he stops drinking pop and shrinks to a stick figure and the wife well can sit down better and thats the sum of her results? the abs are the hardest part to get down... but not impossible ... it is usually the last to go and stubborn!!! the workouts i think are fine.. danceing is great cardio... but dont overfocus your abs or you will repetitively exhaust them not giving them the time to recover.. your core is used in each workout.. shoot even walking so they are used alot already.. if your happy with a lil extra oomph towards them go for it just dont overdo!!!! good luck!!!!