Losing my drive

  • Today is day 1 of Week 6 and I can feel myself losing my drive to do the challenge. Im still doing everything and making sure Im atleast below a certain caloric daily intake and trying to eat all the right things, Im just slowing losing that fire that I had the first 4 weeks. I guess this is a time of testing to see if Im really a CHALLENGER.  Well all I have to say is YES...IM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE...even though I dont have the excitement and/or emotional fireworks to back me up. How are all of you doing?!?

  • Yes, you've reached the tough part of the challenge.  This is where the newness has worn off.  You know the program works because you've seen great results the first 5 weeks.  However, the newness is now wearing off and you're faced with day to day challenges.  I always compare it to dating.  When you first start dating a new person, there's excitement.  It's new!  It's exciting.  You see positive changes.  Then the newness wears off and you return to daily life.  In BFL, you see everyone else in daily life still eating bad.  You start thinking at times, it won't hurt if I have one cheeseburger.  I'll just have that and continue on with my planned eating.  And that one leads to two, or you start slacking in your planning.  Through my years of BFL (I've been doing it off and on since 2001), these are all things that derailed me at times.  I'm now in my 3rd challenge of 2013, and everything is going great.

    SO!  What have I done differently than the other times.  My mission with BFL this time has been to make it a lifestyle, not a 12 week program.  I follow this lifestyle 6 days a week.  Sunday's are a free day.  NOT a free meal like I see many others doing.  A free day.  If I want to pig out all day, then I pig out all day.  By giving myself this option, I've found that I tend to eat bad early in the day, but not so bad later in the day.  If I went with one meal, I wanted more, so this was my solution to this problem and it seems to have worked, at least so far.  I don't care what the scale says.  If I have a week where I didn't lose what I wanted to lose, or even gain a pound, I let it go.  Because I know I'm doing the workouts and eating right.  That pound may be muscle.  My body may simply be adjusting to change.  I won't give up because the scale was unfavorable one week.  I PLAN.  I know what time I'm going to eat my next meal, and what I'm going to have for that meal.  When I go to  work, I have everything I need in regards to food.  I take no money with me.  Yes, I still have my cash card, but I have no actual money, and therefore, I cannot access any junk food out of vending machines.  If something goes wrong in the morning, because I'm rushing around, and forget a protein bar, I stop at a convenient store before I get to work and buy a protein bar for that meal (happens VERY rarely, but has happened before).  I drink A LOT of water.  I have a 40 ounce water bottle, and my goal is to drink 3 of these bottles a day, if not more.  I would rather have more water than not enough water.  Just results in more bathroom breaks.  Finally, it may be time to revisit some pictures of yourself before the challenge.  Find the worst pictures and try to remember how you felt at the time of the picture.  I have a picture of myself at my daughter's school Xmas performance last year.  It was taken before the performance began and honestly, I looked miserable.  I was overweight, and I looked unhappy as all could be.  I remember back to that timeframe, and it was after I had already made the decision to change, once the New Year began, and this picture tells me why I wanted to change.  In fact, I try to remember my reasons for wanting to do the challenge.  In past years when doing the challenge, this would be the time when I would start thinking to myself, "It's okay if I don't follow the diet exactly...I'm in good shape, and if I cheat on this one meal, it's not going to hurt the outcome."  But that one decision snowballed many other bad decisions, and I went from the top of the mountain to rolling down the mountain uncontrollably, until I hit the foot of the mountain with a giant BOOM!  

    So, I commend you Faithful Catholic, on your commitment to stay with the program, and I personally challenge you to stay with it.  I want to see your 12 week result photos.  I KNOW you can do it.  I've read your posts, and you're a strong willed woman and  mother, and you've got the right frame of mind to continue on with this challenge and see the results your body and family deserve.  It's easy to give up on the challenge and go back to being like everyone else in the U.S., feeding your body junk, feeling depressed and bad about yourself.  The hard thing is to stay onboard with this challenge, and make it more than a challenge...make it a lifestyle.  Good luck!!!


  • Makes a lot of sense Mike, good honest feedback.  I start my 6th week on Saturday, and this week, eating healthy, but not by the book.  Started when I workout really hard, did not get to eat for a while, was seeing stars when I went up some stairs. So I hate and felt better and ate again, so that does push me into territory I did not want or need to go.  Getting back on track now and finishing strong last 6 weeks.

  • Thanks Mike for those super encouraging and motivating words! I already feel like Im getting that pep back in my step(if thats how you spell pep?). I know what you mean about just eating alittle something here or there and thinking its not a big deal but it CAN quickly lead to eating the "old way". Like today I made an apple pie because a friend gave us all these apples and my kids were begging me to make an apple pie and one of my favorite things to eat is homemade pie crust. It took alot in me to not eat it and its going to be calling my name all evening. But I know once I have one slice then Ill be having one the next few nights or how ever long it takes for out family to finish it.  I did try the golden pancakes from the Eating For Life book and they were high in protein, low in calories and yummy! I think I might just try some recipes from that book that will go along with the challenge! Again thank you Mike and Sunset44 for sharing your challenge stories with me and for the motivational words!!

  • Great post Mike!  You nailed it perfectly.

    Faithful - you CAN do this.  Remember why you started in the first place.  And be very aware of portion sizes when using the eating for life cookbook.  I would personally suggest waiting until your challenge is complete and you're completely happy with where you are body/weight wise before using the cookbook.  It's much better for maintenance work than a challenge.

    Good Luck!

  • What got you motivated to start this program?

    For me, it was my weight, cholesterol level was very high(please read in my thread "CHOLESTEROL"), had a grandbaby on the way(now here) and the men on my fathers side never made it to 60. I am 10 1/2yrs away from that and it scares me!

    Now, after 3 yrs first slowly trying to get my life back and more dedication a little over a yr now, I have a picture of what I looked like 3yrs ago and I do not want to look like that ever again.  Holding that little girl and watvhing her smile up at me just as I am about to feed her her bottle. And I got my cholesterol ldl results back yesterday.  Oh yeah, the way I look in the mirror today.  Yes, a little more gray, and more wrinkles, but much better!!

    Just keep it up and you will see why you need to keep going and it will be worth every sweat drop on the floor!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Thanks guys! your responses were so encouraging. I got on the scale today and saw 160.0! I havnt seen that in 6 years. I lost another 1/2 in off my hips in the last 2 days and 1/4 in off each thigh. It might not seem like a big deal but to me it was huge especially since the last two days have been really hard to stick with the program. But now with all of your encouraging words and with those results I feel back in the saddle and ready for the next 6 weeks!!!

  • That is awesome....and IT is a big deal, for all of us!!  GREAT JOB!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Yeah I know what you mean. Im on week 5 and I feel like im actually losing strength. My weight hasn't changed and I do notice fat loss on my stomach but workouts are getting harder and the weight is not going up anymore. Ive been eating right and getting plenty of sleep. Any suggestions from anyone would be great.. Thanks

  • You dont always have to increase the weight you are lifting. Try adding another rep or 5 to each weight you start with and then take off 2 from there.  Then after a couple of rounds of doing this...try adding weight and see what happens.  It just sounds like you need to  change something up

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • thanks for the tip squid. I will give that a shot