Challenge #2 Weigh-In #1

  • So here are the stats for my first weigh in of my second challenge!

    Weight: 165 lbs, which means I'm .5 lbs shy of where I was at the end of the my first challenge in June. I had gained 5 pounds in my move east, which I expected, so now I'm basically where I was before I moved. Woohoo!

    Hips: 37.5 inches, which is .5 inches lost

    Waist: 29 inches, which is 1 inch lost

    Didn't lose any off of the legs, which I think I gained an inch in arms (muscle?)

    I'm know starting to realize the pros/cons of my second challenge. Though I do have a kitchen now, I am not as active as I was during my last challenge while living on campus. On campus, walking was my primary mode of transportation, to get to gym, to class, to food. Now I have a kitchen, which means I can make so much more healthy stuff, but I don't have to be as mobile. Stuff is too far away to walk to for the most part, but maybe that'll change once I start grad school. I am exercising just as much/hard though, just not getting that bonus exercise that must have been a big contributor in my earlier success.

    So the question is, did I set my second challenge goal too high? My initial goal was another 20 lbs, but I'm really doubting this. The first 28.5 lbs took a lot of hard work, and each month they slipped away. This time around (minus the bonus exercise), not coming off so easily. This month I lost 4.5 lbs, which if I was trying to do 20, would mean that I need to lose about 16 more pounds in two months. Is it possible I've lost the majority of the weight I'm going to lose, and I'm only going to lose a bit more, or is it possible to get that 20? What if that 20 isn't realistic goal? Thoughts?

    I would have posted pictures but they seriously look the same as last months, and I know from experience that you can't really tell 5 lbs difference off a body in a picture usually (more like 10 will be a difference I think).

  • Well, so many of the body for lifers went on to do a few challenges and had amazing results and it sounds like you are already on the right track!!!

  • Way to go Maemouse and I wish you the best on this newest challenge you are on. Hope your results are even better this time and that you are super happy with the loses and gains .