Week 4 measurements in!

  • Two days ago was the end of week 4 and I took pics and my measurements. The pictures just showed alittle difference in my face. But my measurements were great. Ive lost 7 inches!! And my body fat has went down from 34% to 29%!!!! I am so happy with the results. And I officially said goodbye to my size 12 jeans yesterday. I comfortably fit into a size 10 now!! (My size 8's are really tight but they are my next goal to fit into comfortably!) Yeah!!! Now Im looking forward to week 8 for new pics and measurements!! How are you all doing!!!

  • That is fantastic - congrats!!! Keep up the awesome job - you're an inspiration!

  • Awesome...keep it up!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Congratulations, Faithful.  In my experience, those little but visible tangible milestones can be huge in providing the reinforcement needed to stick to the discipline and reach our goals.  I can still recall the feeling when I started filling a trash bag with all my pants with a waistline greater than 40".  Trashing them was like a symbolic way of saying they do not fit any more AND THEY NEVER WILL AGAIN!

    I have approached that "line" I have to confess but struggling to button and zip my 38s on a daily basis is a siren of sorts that I am wandering into a bad area I have already been to.

    Again, congratulations and continued success!

  • Well done Faithful..hearing how well people do with BFL pushes me forward and keeps me on track...keep up the great work and keep us posted!

  • Way to go, Great results on your 4th week and your only part way into more results down the line. Keep Moving Forward!