Hello, new here! C1W5D5 Pictures

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    Hi, everyone! I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks, and I've finally decided to take the plunge and post my progress photos. Ahhhhhh, I am nervous, lol. But, here goes. My clothes are fitting better since I started, and I think my pics are finally starting to show a little difference. What do you think? I am loving all the strength I have gained since I started working out! It's great. I have to thank everyone who has posted their success stories and progress photos on here - there are my biggest motivation. THANK YOU!

    Hopefully these pictures show up...I've never done this before.

  • Great progress BLUEDESERT29 and yes your photos are possible to view on site.  Way to go on your results and be sure to Keep MOving FOrward (like I always try to do on a challenge).

  • Thanks, WPBill! I am a recovering compulsive "scale-stepper", meaning I used to weigh myself every single day as a way to track my progress while dieting. Well, I figured out that just doesn't work on BFL because my clothes were getting looser without losing any scale weight. So now I rely on my clothing and photos to track my progress. I don't know what I weigh now, and it doesn't really matter anymore. I am eagerly awaiting the "8 week whoosh"! In the meantime I will just keep plugging away at it and be happy with the small improvements l've made so far :) .

  • You're doing great!  Always a difficult thing...posting your pictures on a site for the world to see, and to be critiqued by a bunch of people you don't know.  The good thing...we're all in the same boat!  Most of us are trying to lose weight, and a few poor souls are trying to gain weight (I don't feel nearly as sorry for them, but I am just as supportive of them:).  Your pictures show that this program works.  To steal a line fromt he "Nodiet.com" commericial I hear everyday on my way to work, "You're getting your sexy back" but you're doing it the right way...exercising too.  Keep up the great work!


  • Thanks, Mike! I've lost weight many times just by eating less, and I was never happy with the way I looked (smaller, but still soft and flabby all over). This way is so much better. I still have a long way to go, but it is totally awesome feeling my muscles grow every day! I've never had much for triceps, but now I feel the back of my arm and there they are popping out - so cool!

    I can't wait until I have pics from weeks 8-12 that will show more improvement. All day I keep thinking "WHY did I post those????? And in my underwear, yet!". LOL. Well, I don't have a bathing suit to take pics in because I don't own one! I mean, why would I? I would never have the confidence to wear one looking the way I do now. But I am hoping to be able to feel good in one at the end of my challenge. Even a one-piece would do!

  • Hi Bluedesert29...yes your doing great  had a look at your pics and can see change...well done! I've taken before pics going to wait till end of week four then get my second photo taken shall try to post pics (if im brave enough) am new to BFL and seeing peoples pics and results push me forward well done again and keep it going!!

  • Thank you, geth76! I appreciate the feedback :) . I know it's hard posting pics, but I try to keep in mind how much motivation I have gained thanks to the brave folks before me who have posted theirs.

    My results so far have been slow-going (I'm almost 6 weeks into this) but I am trusting the program and running on faith. Let's keep at it and see where this takes us! We can do it! I read somewhere "If you're sick of starting over, then STOP QUITTING!". That describes me perfectly. I've given up so many times that I am absolutely DETERMINED to finish this. They will have to find me dead on the elliptical machine before I give up! Lol.

    All the best to you! :)

  • Its definitely clear you are making progress and after just a few weeks!  Let that motivate you and turn eating clean and working out into habits that will carry you to greater success!  You can do it!

  • Thanks, Johnj! Clean eating and working out definitely has become a habit now. The first week was the toughest, but from then on it got much easier. Good luck with your challenge!

  • Wow ... that's some significant change.  Congratulations, Bluedesert, and to think you did that in just over a month.  

  • Congrats, Blue Desert. You made a lot of progress in only eight weeks!

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  • Nice work,I know its not easy.  Keep it up