Changes happening?

  • Hey all!

    Im in the middle of my 3rd week and really enjoying the challenge! I havnt dropped a dress size yet but its like my whole body is tightening up...Its a pretty cool feeling. I wanted to see when you guys started seeing dress sizes dropping or when that layer of fat (especially) on your legs started going away?


  • I didn't really see any real significant changes until week 4 and then I dropped weight like crazy.  Keep the course and you'll be fine.

  • Thanks! Week 4 is right around the corner so thats exciting! I know every person is different, though, but still that gives me alittle extra boost!!

  • That's encouraging, thank you! I'm only on week 2 and doesn't feel like i've seen a single change, nor change in how my clothing is fitting.

  • I'm almost to week 6, and while I haven't lost any scale weight, I know I've lost some fat around the middle because my shirts are getting looser. My bottom half, not sure if anything has changed there yet. I believe that will be the last area to melt off. My thighs just love being fat, lol.