I just completed my first challenge in 11 years!

  • At  the age of 57, I decided to get with the program and accept the challenge.  12 weeks, 22 lbs, 5% body fat and a blood pressure that  dropped 30 points later, here are the results.  I may not be GQ material, but I sure feel better!

  • Great job Forest!!!!  Amazing transformation!  You've made great gains in your challenge, and I hope you keep with it..  Take a week or two off and go for it again!


  • W ow,   Some awesome results from your determination, resolve and efforts,  applause applause applause!! to you. Your smile says it all and I'm sure your energy levels are way up to.  Keep Moving Forward and keep us in informed of your future plans and challenges as well. Hope you submitted your challenge too!!!

  • You look like a new man Forest!  Great job!

  • Oh my gosh you look like a new man! Your smile says it all. Way to go on doing such a great job!

  • What a terrific transformation!  Thank you for sharing your motivational pictures :-)

  • Great Job...and yours photos are a great motivation for new starters like me...keep up the great work...

  • Fantastic...thanks for sharing as your efforts are quite inspiring!

  • awesome job! keep it up! :)

  • Damn, that's inspiring and you have a year on me!  Nice definition to the pecs and abs look jusssssssssssssssssssst about ready to show up!  I think the only tiem anyone will see my abs will be maybe at my autopsy (lol)?    

    Seriously, nice job!  

  • Hey thanks to everyone for their enocuragement.  You are inspiring me!

  • Great job!!!  Gives me incentive ..... On week 2 now.  Thank you So VERY much for sharing... Awesome!

  • Great job! Looking good! I liked that you waxed too ;) Shows your muscles more!

  • You look so much healthier!  It shows in your skin!

  • You look fantastic!  It's people like you that keep me on track....Thank you and Congradulations