Challenge complete!

  • I just finished my first challenge in 11 years.  I dropped almost 22 pounds, 5% body fat and lowered my blood pressure by 30 points!  I am very pleased.  I may not win the contest, but I've won in the game of life.

  • Congratulations on completing the challenge and rediscovering yourself!!!  It's not about winning the challenge, but rather winning the game of life, and you appear to be on the right track!!!  Hope you stay with it!


  • Way to go Forest - nice job!

  • Thank you very much.  How do I  post before and after pics?

  • Congratulations Forest and way to go on your results and attitude towards your achievements.  Better health is certainly a big plus and reward from the 12 weeks of efforts and determination. Keep Moving Forward and your will always be surprised and amazed with the outcome.