My first 12 weeks results!

  • Thrilled!  I'm going to keep trucking along until I hit my goal...probably will take a good eight more weeks.  But definitely just feels like a lifestyle now! 

    SW: 164
    Bust: 38.5
    Waist: 31
    Hips: 41.9
    Thigh: 26.25
    Calf: 15.2
    Arm: 12.65
    Belly: 38.25

    12 weeks:
    Bust: 36
    Waist: 27
    Hips: 38.25
    Thigh: 24
    Calf: 14.25
    Arm: 11.33
    Belly: 33.75

  • Great job!!!  You have some great results!!!  Your measurements are consistent and show that weight leaves your body as a "paper towel" and not solely in one place.  Keep up the great work!!!


  • Wow, You sure had some great results from your Challenge this time. You should be proud and energized with what you have accomplished in just 12 weeks.  Way to GO and Keep Moving Forward. Best wishes on any future Challenges as well.

  • That is incredible!  You look amazing!  You have provided a lot of motivation to me and others.

  • What an inspiring post! Our stats are similar, I hope to have a transformation like yours. The difference in your backside is amazing. I have twin back fat rolls on my back - I hope to have a smooth, beautifully sculpted back like yours in the after photo!

  • Way to go, you did a fantastic job!! You really look incredible!

  • Way to go.  You should feel very proud of yourself!

  • Great job.  You should feel very good about yourself.

  • Great job sleepless!  Just what I need to get myself back in gear!

  • Thank you everyone!  SOrry I haven't been as active on the boards and the best in getting back to everyone.  I'm going through a divorce, a big move (from a house to a studio), work, being a Mom, etc.  Time is precious right now!  Nurturing my child during this rough time.  

    Took several days off from the gym, but kept my eating clean.  Down a couple more pounds!  Ready to start tracking again and get to the final goal in a couple more months!  I'm seeing 130's now....haven't been there in a few years!  =)

  • One day at a time!

  • great job! your body is transformed.

  • whoa you did an amazing job! you did that! congrats!

  • Awsome job, Sleepless!!  Definitely impressive transformation!  Thank you for the inspiration!