Week Two Finished - GAINED 7 lbs, what the heck?

  • This is the third time I have done the BFL Challenge. The first time, many years ago, I lost nearly 100 lbs. Subsequent times have seen little change and over the past few years the lbs have crept back on. I just finished week two, I've been killing it on the weights and on the treadmill. I even had a personal best yesterday, going 1.89 miles in 20 minutes with my last 2 minutes being at 7.0 and 7.5 mph. Having recently turned 40, I want to get into the best shape of my life, the shape and condition I've always wanted. My meals and frequency are good; every 2.5 hours. I even have an alarm set on my phone for meal time. I drink a ton of water, pee all the time and have had zero diet soda (except for free days) and very little "junk" except for free days. I'm feeling better, but very frustrated by the scale.

  • As long as you know you're doing your absolute best in the gym, and eating proper portions and proper food, keep on track and don't worry about the scale.  I'll admit that the 7 lbs makes me question your portion sizes and the foods your eating, but I'm assuming your following it appropriately.  The scale is only one measurement.  I'm coming off what I consider to be my most complete week ever in my BFL history and I only lost .2 pounds.  That's how it works some times.  I won't worry until I go 3 to 4 weeks without losing weight.  Remember, BFL is a lifestyle and that's how I treat it.  I don't skimp on my free days at all, but that doesn't seem to effect my weekly performance.   Double check everything and start Week 3 charging hard.  Tomorrow is a new day!


  • I started week three yesterday, 1st week lost 10 lbs, second week, same weight everyday, not one pound budged either way.  Clothes feel different, seem to fit better.  So I will see how week three goes,  Never did a challenge before.

  • I have done a few challenges as well. The first time I lost a lot of weight, only to discover ( because I didn't buy the book) that the weight would come back on due to improper nutrition the entire challenge. This is the first time I truly did it the right way. Now the scale, I'm afraid, is pretty much useless. I swear I only lost 5 pounds according to the scale. But my body has changed, and the only way I could tell is from before and after photos. Plus I can wear clothing I couldn't  before, because it was too tight. I'd say your building muscle and you are making progress, just in different ways. When the scale stops moving, just put it away and keep on going. It sounds like you're doing everything right. Stick with it.

  • Thanks, was wondering, but, it does feel better, working very hard on my workouts, a few times had to nap, was so tired falling asleep.

  • PS I am 60 did not think I could be any muscle at that age, but, I guess it is possible.

  • Thanks Everyone! I hit the weights very hard this morning, even did more weight/reps that I had panned. Just need to keep my meals and eating under control. I did some research and it sounds like some of the added weight gain is from water and the creatine.