Results of my Current, just finished C4 BFL CHallenge with photos

  •     These are the photos from my just compleated C4 fourth BFL CHallenge from 8 April to 1 July.  Overall I lost about 8lbs of body fat, dropped my BMI about a full point and body fat about 2.4 %, gained an inch on my arms and chest and leaned up on my waist (3 inches from 41 to 38) and hips about 2 inches and one inch on my legs and calves as well. So not all that bad on the results. Incase they get mixed up, the tan ones are the After and lighter ones are the before photos. Thanks for any comments and advice you all have all I ask is that you keep it constructive and helpfull. Keep MOving Forward y'all!!!  WPBILL

  • Sorry, not sure why photos didn't post with this please see profile under WPBILL ,  BFL what happened to the photos when I hit post???

  • WPBILL, Congratulation's, you have had awesome results!  I believe you are turning back the clock. You look much younger and definitely more fit!  Bravo and thank you for sharing!  Very inspiring!

  • Great job WPBill!!! your pictures are fabulous!! It must feel so amazing to have stuck through your 12 week transformation and the results sure show a awesome change!! Once again great job!!!

  • Just a quick post sorry about the one photo twice but I can't find the delete option on this site only insert.

  • Yay Bill! Way to go, your core looks awesome! I am happy that you continue to do challenges and post on the forum.

    Also, to delete a photo you can just hit backspace on your keyboard when the cursor is just ahead of the picture.

  • Once you click "Edit Profile," you can add a photo by selecting the "Insert Image" icon. You can then select the file you want to add and click "Insert." You may need to clear out some older photos to make room for your new ones. You can delete old photos by first selecting "Edit Profile" and then clicking on the image you want to delete. This will highlight or "select" the photo, and you can then hit the "delete" button on your computer keyboard. We hope this helps! Please feel free to call us if you need additional assistance at 1-800-297-9776 M-F 8:30am-5:00pm EST.

    ~ BFL Team

  • Great job Bill!!!!  It's hard enough to finish 1 challenge let alone 4!!!!  Your determination is remarkable and you're a inspiration to the rest of us that are starting our 2nd, 3rd or 4th challenges!!!  

  • Thanks BFL Team, I tried what you suggested and have been able to remove all older C3 photos from my profile and any duplicates from my thread as well. It worked!!! YEAH!!

  • WPBill,

    You are a kind and supportive person on the forum and that is very appreciated by everyone! Secondly, your drive is to be commended; I clearly see your results. Congratulations, you are a wonderful example of health and happiness.

    Best Regards,


  • Awesome job Bill!   You must feel like a new man!  Congratulations and thanks for sharing the pics!

  • Just wanted to Thank all of you who posted comments on this thread and let you know that I really appreciated your advice and comments on my results this time around. I am sure I will continue on the path of better health and strength and your positive responses will help me to continue on this path. Keep MOving Forward everyone!!!

  • Great job, Bill!!  Gotta give you props ....4 challenges is quit an accomplishment.  Great results, could definitely see the difference even if you didn't have the tan.  Appreciate theu encouragement and support your show others.  I'm starting my 3rd and hopefully keep up with the example that you have set!  As you say....Keep Moving Forward!!!