Inspiring transformation pics

  • These are a couple of my friends in real life...not internet friends (love those of you too though!).  They have had great success with BFL & I wanted to share what it can do for others who are starting and looking for inspiration!  They both have two kids. 
    I am closing up week 8.  My progress pics will be up tomorrow morning. 
    The first photos above are of her progress after just five weeks (she did go on to complete 12). 
    The other photos are another friend and a complete challenge before/after pics. 
    They both did it in winter 2011/2012 & still look awesome to this day! 

  • Holy cow! They did a fantastic job! Is that how you heard about this program? I can't wait until I can put pictures like that on facebook. I put my pictures up from my last challenge and that I did it with BFL. Some of my friends messaged me about it, but what was really cool is that my aunt heard about what I was doing from my cousin and messaged me. It feels really good to reach people because I am doing something healthy that isn't just another weightloss scam. Some of my friends were skeptical at first, wondering if I was in a pyramid scheme trying to sign people up. I was so glad to be able to say "nope! Its all free to join and you don't have to buy special meals or anything. They just reccommend EAS shakes and stuff. Its just good old fashioned effort!" I tell people about it because it changed my life, not because I have something superficial to gain. Good feels.

  • Wow, Thanks for sharing these from you internet friends,  They are very inspiring to all of us here on the forum and we appreciate your placing there here for all to see. Best wishes to you and your friends in their future endeavors as well. Are they on our site currently and actively sharing with us all as well? Just curious. Keep Moving forward always !!!

  • LiL Caity~

    Yes, they did!  Actually ,it was the other way around....they heard about it from me...because I had a really successful challenge in 2010.  When they were "ready" they reached out to me for help.  I believe to make such a drastic change, you have to be really mentally ready and prepared to succeed!  

    Funny that you mention the whole scam thing.  When people asked me (in the past) or even current new friends (I live in a new city/state) what I am doing, the first thing they ask is "How much is it?".  I proudly tell them that they can buy the book off used for just a couple bucks!  Isn't it quite amazing?!  I bought my copy at a used books store for 50cents.  Best quarters I ever spent.  I even throw in that they do an official challenge that you can win money for transforming, but it isn't mandatory to enter if you don't want to.  Just a nice perk!

    How are you doing on reaching your goal size?  You've been doing fantastic!  Looking forward to following you along the way some more.  Keep on inspiring!

  • WPBill~

    No problem!  They aren't on the forum unfortunately.  Both have more than FT jobs on top of being busy mama's to two kids each.  

    Truckin' along over here. =)  Happily!  

  • Well, this morning I am feeling a sense of dread. I can't go to the gym and I am afraid I am going to blow it and gain back a lot of fat I lost until I can workout again. I am eating more carbs than protein, I don't know why I just want them instead of anything else. I had surgery last week and I don't know when I will be good to go again....maybe a week or three??? It was one of those things where I didn't know when the insurance was going to approve it and I had no idea where it was going to fit into my schedule...and then they call me one week ago and say it can be done, how does Wednesday look! Ahh and I would have no deductable until August so I had to do it whenever they could. I am just truly afraid. Terrified. I don't want to be big again D-:

  • Lil Caity, sorry to hear that you needed surgery. I am in recovery from surgery 2 weeks ago today. Unlike you, I had not yet started BFL. Was to begin that morning. May I suggest that you try and eat as clean as you can while waiting to start up again. Think of all the hard work you have applied up to date. Take time to heal properly. Just keep the eating clean and you should be fine!  :)


  • Thank you for sharing sleeoless08!  So inspiring!

  • Sorry to hear of the sudden surgery, Lil Caity!  I can see how that could mentally and physically feel like a huge wrench being thrown in your new lifestyle.  I read this earlier this morning from a FB group I follow, and thought of you...I hope it helps ease your mind!:

    Taking some time to eat at maintenance calories before reaching your fat loss goals does not mean giving up on getting lean.

    It means that you are taking a break from dieting so that you can prime your body for whats next.

    Sometimes the body needs time to take in a little more food to improve recovery, optimize hormones, and relax at your new size.

    Doing this will help you sustain the fat loss that has already happened and aid in future fat loss endeavors. You are shelving your fat loss goals temporarily, not forgetting about them completely. It is all part of the process.

    Oh and if you decide to ignore this, your body will decide for you that it is time to take a break.

    Think long term, healthy, balanced, lifestyle.

    Push your body too hard and for too long, and you may find yourself fighting an uphill battle.

  • Caity - my wife has endured physical hurdles that have kept her from working out at various times over our 8 years of BFL'ing.  What she has found repeatedly, is that if she continues to follow the BFL eating regimine, she will maintain her current weight, and sometimes even lose a little, despite not being able to workout.  So, take care of yourself, keep eating clean, and be patient until you can start working out again.  Remember, it's Body for LIFE.  ;o)

  • Thanks a lot you guys!<3!

    I should keep track to make sure I am eating maintenence calories, that is a great piece of advice. I honstly don't know whether I am above or below that level everyday lately because I have not been keeping track. I wasn't even aware of how much I checked out mentally. Its so good to be reminded that it is a lifestyle! And if I know that I am eating correctly, I don't feel afraid. Dang. Thanks so much for reminding me of what I need to do.