week 3....ugh

  • So first two weeks were great!!!!  I lost 12 pounds I look and feel great I pushed myself so hard in the gym and ate great too.

    Then this week I started week 3. I started with a migraine that was awful, I have never had one before and had to ask if thats what it was...and it was. Also I am about to be "homronal" so I have regained weight and nasty belly bloat, not to mention the ravenous cravings I am getting. They are so terrible but so far I have been able to hold off but I still feel big and crappy. How does anyone deal with the cravings? I have the shakes but honestly I am not a sweets person. I want cheese and crackers, bread ad butter, salty/spicy chips, hot wings...lol. I even thought about changing my cheat day to accomodate but decided I don't want to change whats been working so far. (I suppose triscuits aren't clean carbs :(  So any suggestions? I don't want to lose steam but even my energy level is down in my workouts. Could this be a 3 week lull/hump I need to get over or is it all homronal. I am not sure but I don't want to give up. I am looking forward to the fourth week for pictures but now prgress has gone backwards in a matter of days. boo!!

  • oh and also ive wanted to eat bigger portions too....stupid hunger

  • I tried what he said in the book when I wanted to pig out and it is an old trick, but it really works..drink like two full glasses of water and then one more while you are eating and you will be soooo full! I didn't believe this would really work, but it really did! I could only eat half of my sandwich and before I did this, I was determined I was going to eat the whole sandwich..and it really does make you full and lose the craving to "pig out"...hope this helps...:)

  • yes I do that. I drink a ton of water. I may feel so full but I still crave the bad stuff. I probably drink twice the water if not more than given in this plan

  • I haven't really had the cravings yet...well sometimes, but the one thing that keeps me from indulging is that I think about the challenge and how I want to complete it..for some reason that seems to stop me from eating like a whole bag of chips and dip (my favorite) lol...

  • Also, I've been very forgiving of myself if I eat something I'm not supposed to or miss a workout, which I only missed one..is that I am starting to have the mindset that not only am I doing this for the Challenge, I'm thinking about the rest of my life...that it's more than the Challenge..I'm building on a healthier body and every step I take in building my body..is the body I want for the rest of my life! I don't just give up or "hate" on myself for slipping up every now and then...kind of hard to explain..like yes I want to win the Challenge, but every good thing I do is a step in the right direction and I"m going to be a better me...no matter what:)

  • Also..losing weight..I don't weigh myself but once a week...because that's discouraging..losing weight is like the stock market chart..it zig-zags up and down, but as long as you are "trending" down..you going in the right direction..weight is not going to go in a straight line if that makes any sense..as long as you are doing 95% your best and staying on track that much and the good way outweighs the bad, you can't go wrong..the results will come in the end:)

  • Yeah Ive only been weighing in on Fridays. That seems to give me motivation for diong good on that last regular day, Saturday, and helps for cheat day. I don't do as bad because I can see how well I have been doing