My 8 Weeks of Progress - Pix Posted to Inspire Others!

  • Since others have shared their pictures, I thought I’d do the same and hopefully it will encourage and inspire others.  I have posted the pictures on my profile page.


    As with everyone, we aren’t 100% happy with our 8 weeks results, but then again, I guess that’s why it’s a 12 week program!

    It’s hard because after 2 months, you want some immediate results, or at least visual results. (I don’t got my six pack yet, but 1 pack is starting to show thru =) 


    I am happy for a few reasons.  =)

    1. My blood pressure went down!  From average of 136/100 to 119/80!
    2. My mental capacity has improved!  I am more enthusiastic on life and I know the “Mental Fat” is almost completely gone.  I believe this is very important because with a strong mind, what can’t you do?
    3. The challenge taught me and showed me the importance of planning, and how to adapt when plans change.  This is one aspect I can carry over to other parts of my life.
    4. These Jeans!   When I started I was a loose 39” waist and these are 34’s.  In the beginning I couldn’t even pull these up mid-thigh.  So although they are still tight, with Muffin Tops! – I am able to at least button them and my next 4 week goal is to have these fit loosely, or better yet have to give them away!


    What I’ve learned from all this is to never lose faith in yourself.  If this were a football game, then the end of the 8th week marks the end of the third quarter and everyone knows that no matter what, it’s how you perform in the fourth quarter that makes all the difference!


    With everyone’s support - that has gone through, is going through or plans to go through this program, I WILL DO MY BEST to Perform until the 12 weeks are done!  I encourage you to strive for your best as well!


    So today this is My Best.  It’s not my end goal, but it’s what I've got to work with.   I can accept that.   Accepting yourself for who you are right now is the most important thing. 


    I can be happy with that!  I have improved!    This gets me excited of what weeks 9-12 have in store for me!


    Thanks Everyone!   Keep pushing and never give up! 

    ~Marqui D. C1W8D55

  • Awesome Progress, Marqui! Here's to you giving those jeans away in 4 weeks!! Whoop Whoop!! :)

    Keep it up, my friend! Your 4th quarter is going to be the best yet! :-)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • YES!!! AWESOME PROGRESS. Kudos to you dude!!

  • Marqui!!!  

    Great results!  

    Great attitude.  You are so right...there is nothing you can't accomplish!  

    I love your algebraic evaluation of weeks 1-8 and 9-12...on your profile page, cool.

    You are a great role model.  You always write inspiring and informational posts.  You rule!

    Enjoy the beautiful weekend!



  • Marqui!

    WONDERFUL!! I love to read your posts. You are truly insightful and think of others so often! Thank you for continuing to inspire us and help us!


  • Love your post.  Due to my light bulb moment this evening this post really hit home with me.  If I would have read this just last week it would have been just another post but today it meant something to me so for that I thank you very much.

  • Congrats on your progress mentally and physically!  We will all reach our goals and accepting ourselves at every point of  the journey is such an important part of achieving them - thanks for the much needed reminder!  

    runninggrl :)

  • Thanks everyone, all the comments are motivating and uplifting!  With each of us learning, sharing with each other, it amplifies our lives in a positive way!

    DebMO - yup 4th Quarter right?  I gotta think of some of the great comeback Quarterbacks like Elway, Montana, Brett Farve.  No matter how far they were down, one thing you could count on them is that until the clock struck zero, they never quit.  It's so inspiring.  Great job on the 5K yesterday!  You are my hero!

    B.RedDee - Nikki  Thanks for the comment!  - My mom's an RN, who I feel should retire by now, but it's her passion and she just loves it still after 30+ years of being in the field.  Even when I was in the hospital, she was the one that did my IV because the other nurse kept missing my vein!  Grrr.  She later told me the secret is to Be confident, Focus on your target, don't hesitate, Act -wa-la it's done!  Wow such a simple concept that could be carried on in other parts of our lives!    Cool - You've got a great career ahead of you!

    Julie - wow (the analogy of X+X vs X*X)  I didn't, initially, look at it like at Algebraic equation, but your right it kinda is!  I was jst thinking of a simple ramp like a loading dock ramp vs, a skateboarder's ramp.  You could walk nice and slow all day long up the little ramp but in order to launch in the air, you've got to first gain momentum  then woohoo!  Air time.  I needed some visual to help me during those trying weeks 1-8.  When you've gained all this momentum and reach the inflection point of that curved ramp, you've got two choices, chicken out and quit, or relax, let the momentum kick in, braced yourself for what's about to transpire then....wham - air time and a breakthrough!  When it comes to a real live ramp - call me chicken, but this program, doin it!   If Tony Hawk can skate a ramp, then I think we can finish a 12 week program - there's nothing we can't do right?  --  Anyways Congrats to You!  week one is done!  Log it and file it, it's in the books!     Enjoy your Free Day!

    Confident - Marcy  I always smile when I see your screen name on the different posts I read.  It's just a great reminder of what we must continue to add in our lives.  Thanks,  when I write, I jst try and write from the heart. I can type fast, but when I look at my posts, I tend to write so much!  But if it helps others then that's always a good thing.  I remember what a grade school teacher once said in class, "If you have something good to say, then say it, if it bad, then toss it. If you have nothing to say, then sit still, observe and learn.  You see kids, you'll learn as you get older, this world is filled with so much negativity.  Why would you want to add to that?  Help balance that out when possible.  First learn to help people smile"   Wow such powerful words, it's been so long, but somehow those words stuck with me. --- Keep your Energy and the mental out look strong. You are almost to the finish line!!  Mother's Day then one more week for you!  Your 4th Quarter is here and you are about to WIN this Game =)

    Landhi - Diane!  (I'm leaving out the P-P-O from your name because you already have it in you!  Positive - Proactive- Optimistic)  I'm going to leave it up to you what the other letters in your screen name are going to stand for =)   I am so so glad that this post helped you.  You should cut and copy this post and other posts that inspire you and add it to your book - (Now that you finally have it - woohoo)  It helps everything come alive and then the words truly speak to you to keep going and see this through!  You start tomorrow right!?  Make sure to plan plan plan today!   and most importantly take time to write yourself the most honest letter, of how you are feeling, what you want to change and why you want to change it.  It's so empowering that when I wrote mine, it really scared me and made me cry because I didn't believe it, I wanted to change, but not sure if I could.  That's why I've kept it a secret from most of my friends (I'm vocal on this site because it's filled with like minded people on the same wavelenght), because I didn't want their negativity of "How's that program going? Oh not so good....yeah see you should quit, that stuff doesn't work."    I jst didn't need that type of negativity in my life.  -- I hope you were able to find your dad a good place.  If you run out of time to read the book, don't worry, live the book and make it come alive for you!  Oh and as far as hubby to start with you - if he chooses not to start with you (he might not be ready -everyone in their own place and time)  you can ask him in your quiet time, "Honey - I need your help  --I need you to be my coach and make sure I stay focused and push me to see this through, can you do that for me?"    How could he say no to that.  Yup that's our weak spot.  When a lady honestly and genuinely asks for help, we jst can't refuse!  Suxx being a guy hehe  -   So yeah...once he commits to being your coach, he'll get motivated just from watching you change!    Good luck - Congrats on committing to the challenge! - Keep us posted - you got great help and inspirational people here.  Continue on your journey!

    ...and to all that silently read and are inspired to keep going!   Don't ever give up....learn what's already within you...Don't ever give up!

    ~Marqui D. C1W8D56 - Free day is here - let's enjoy it!

  • Marqui,

    thank you very much for posting this. I have reached my 8-9th week and actually lost some muscle mass (with the fat) and I was feeling discouraged.

    I appreciate your post and will see you at the end of the 12 week challenge, which is really a new beginning.


  • Congrats Marqui!  You look great!  Keep up the momentum!

  • Marqui way to go on your progress!!  You are doing a great job!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Marqui - I always enjoy reading your posts.  You get it!  Good job on your progress and thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!