Week 5. So strong.... and then......

  • I don't know what the heck is going on!  I was seeing progress- and then... reverse.  For a while my belly disappeared and as of 2 days ago, it has come back!  I dont know why!  I'm doing my workouts- hitting my 10's, and eating as clean as I always have been.  

    Well, I got frustrated and just gave in (literally just now) to kettle cooked potato chips (I reasoned they were only made of potatoes and cooked in oil- no trashy stuff) BUT I dipped it in Sour cream.  I'm eating cottage cheese to save my guilt (protein to even out the "carbs"?) and I am really hating myself right now.  I just don't know why my stomach has returned and i take my 6 week pics on Monday.  I want to give up because I feel like I have proven my body refuses to fully change.  
    What do I do?
    I don't want to stop.  But I feel like it's pointless to continue.  

  • First of all - get back to hitting your 10's and eating clean.  Second - potato chips are always a bad idea, regardless of the type.  But it's done, so move on and don't stress about it - guilt never burned a single calorie.  Isolate the incident and move forward.

    Most importantly - don't stop!  Unless you're in the shape you want to be in, and feeling the way you want to feel, then stopping won't improve your situation in any way, shape or form.  Remember, it's Body For LIFE!  You want to be healthy and stay healthy, so move forward from this moment by eating clean and working out.  It has to be because you want to though.  

    You can do this - I hope you stick with it.

  • Stick with it. Don't beat yourself up. You have not caused irreversible damage. The only irreversible damage will be if you let this get you down and you go back to old habits.

    Our bodies frequently go through these phases. Just stay focused on eating right and exercises and the rest will take care of itself.

  • Hello Bye2babyfat,  I found some articles that may be very of importance to you. Women don't see results the same way that men do. Please take a look at these emails from women who have done BFL in the past. Congratulations on all of your efforts thus far.  5 weeks is a huge accomplishment!  Hoorah for you!


  • That's an excellent resource. Mike Harris was a tremendous human being and a friend to all BFL'rs.

  • Hi BFLAndy, is Mike no longer here on earth?

  • He passed away a couple of years ago in a bicycling accident.


  • Michael T. Harris died Sunday, May 30th 2010.

    He lives on through the thousands of lives he's touched around the world. Uncle Mike was a cornerstone of the Body for Life fitness community. He was a Body for Life Grand Champion, a father, a grand father, and a husband. He was a recovering alcoholic, and most important for him he was a Christian. These pieces all combined into one powerhouse of a man, a man who was forthright, honest, and told you exactly what you needed to hear. Even when you didn't want to hear it.

    Funny thing, most of us would describe a best friend the same way. And that's what Mike was. He was the best friend you could ever have. You could argue with him until you were both blue in the face, completely disagree with every point he made, yet at the end of it all you knew he still loved you. Because that's just who Mike was. He loved people. He cared deeply and that's what inspired him to reach out day in and day out.

    I could pull dozens of Mike stories out of the hopper. I could recount arguments, moments of counsel, and even dig out photographic proof that Mike would indeed eat peanut butter and bananas. Those snapshots in time would give you a glimpse at the kind of person Mike was.

    Yet it's Mike's final two acts which sum him up. Mike went out for a bike ride Sunday morning and didn't come back. He died while out on the trail, living an active life. Most of us talk about wanting to die doing something we love. Mike did just that. He was out enjoying the body he built for himself over the years.

    Which brings us to his last act. Mike Harris was an organ donor. He took the time to sign his organ donor card and let his family know of his wishes. While I don't know which organs were donated, I can imagine. Somewhere this morning a man is waking up with new corneas, and he notices that he sees things with a remarkable clarity and sharpness. A young woman wakes up and takes a deep breath, inflating lungs that feel like they can carry her up an endless flight of stairs. A former alcoholic who had lost both kidneys is off dialysis for the first time in years.

    All of them have a strange craving for bananas and peanut butter.

    Last we come to his heart. How I envy the person who ends up with that huge, caring heart. Not may of us can say we have the heart of a lion beating within us.

    Love you Mike.


  • Wow, that was beautiful. I'm sorry I didn't have the opportunity to meet him on-line but sure am happy you shared this with me as he lives on with people such as you!  Thank you for sharing his legacy.

  • You're welcome and thanks. I met him in Kansas City back in 2008 at a BFL get together put on by some of the past champions and got to meet many of them. Wonderful people!

  • I have nothing meaningful to add that hasn't otherwise been eloquently stated about the chips and keeping going.  I

    just wanted to say how much I loved Mike Harris.  Please note that Mike's blog is still alive, www.mikeharris.org.

    He passed away from an aneurysm that he suffered while out riding his bicycle.  Mike and I were supposed to meet a few months after that, at a BFL event.  The thing that gets me is that he emailed me and told me he wanted to speak with me about something and I actually think I know what, but would have still wanted to hear it from him, in his special Mike way.  He wanted to talk to me about faith, something I didn't have at the time and very much do now, sometimes I am convinced because of the seed he planted and has continued to with my memories of him.  I'm "okay" with Mike's passing.  The reason is that his side of the street was kept clean, if you will.  He always took care of those things and people that mattered, leaving no apology unsaid, or even harboring ill will.  What a great man!  He's missed.  Sometimes I still talk to him.  :)

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Dont give up. So you had a bad day. I think sometimes our bodies shut down after a bit, just to say "Hey, theres been alot of changes going on here, I need a week or two to adjust". And the beauty is, over time, this might happen a few times, but every time you will probably learn something about your body that you never knew before. You might turn around in the future and think "Huh, I look bloated this week, you know what, last time this happened was also the week I ate alot of _____, maybe I should shy away from that food"

    This isnt about perfection, its about effort. So you had a bad day, make it your free day, and begin new tomorrow!!!!!

  • OP

    I believe we started at the same time and i have had more than an off day....i have actually not been to the gym for a week now and have not been eating clean properly.

    I can feel my muscles disappearing and my waist flabbing out again.

    Holiday is in 20 days!

    I keep thinking I should just carry on-as this should be a change for life-not just to see the 12 week result....but darn I feel like ive done some damage to my journey!!!!

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • You're right Missy, you should carry on, because this should be a change for life and not a 12-week exercise.  When you have an off day or an off meal - isolate it.  Don't give up on the rest of the day or the rest of the week.  And don't beat yourself up.  Isolate and get back to it.  Your Holiday will be here in 20 day regardless of what you do or don't do between now and then.  Get back on the horse so you can enjoy that Holiday to it's fullest!

  • Everyone who's chirped in thus far is right.  You can't let it bother you to the point where you just give in and go back to your old ways.  What's done is done, so you can't really dwell on it.  Learn from it, but don't dwell.  If I have a breakdown, which everyone does at some point, I usually try to go back to eating normal and drinking even more water to wash out the crud you just fed your body.  It is what it is.  You'll make mistakes.  It's not the last time it will happen.  You just have to remind yourself of why you're doing the BFL program.  Come to the site and look for inspiration to re-motivate yourself.  A supportive community is so important to people doing the program, especially if you have few or no supporters in your everyday life.  You need to find that support elsewhere, and this is the place to find it.  The ultimate change is up to each individual, but everyone here is here for the same reason, and we're here to support everyone else as well.  It's crazy how we can come from all walks of life, never met people face to face, but support one another like we're family.  The beauty of an online community and the BFL program.